Coach to 5k who's up for the challenge !!!!!

Hi everyone hope you had a good day yesterday!! Well I keep coming back and for word to this site!! Anyone up for the c25k will star next Monday. It's not as scary as it sounds. Download the c25k podcasts from the c25k website. Put it on your phone or very cheap mp3 player. Jog bottoms top and running shoes and were away. Good luck and hopeful we will have a lot up for the challenge oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR Gareth


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  • Good morning Gareth,

    Hope you had a good day too and look forward to a healthy new year.

    C25k.... Would doing it on the treadmill count πŸ˜‹

  • P.s.. Just thought... Maybe don't qualify as such as take the dogs 2 miles a day : /

  • Treadmill would be fine but I find there's nothing better then getting outside going round a park river ect and taking it all in

  • Morning Gareth,

    Yes your right about that as I love being outside.

    But if I go out I never fail to take my buddies (dogs) with me and if I went without them they would be gutted.

    But when I take them we have to stop several times to put the leads on to get past other dogs. Would it interrupt the challenge? As its a start and keep going thing isn't it?

    Let me know your thoughts. But need something to keep me motivated as really want to get back to my original size or near as

    : )

  • I plan on starting this next week - would love to join you on the journey

  • I am new to this weight loss forum but I have just completed the NHS couch25K. ITS FANTASTIC ! Never saw myself as a runner but this has proved me wrong. Reason I'm on this forum now is to focus on my diet, lose weight and improve my running. I recommend you Join the couch 25K forum, the support and advice on their is wonderful. That's what made me look at this forum. Go for it, you will not regret it.

  • Well done you I started c25k a few years ago now after having a heartatack at 44 and was 5 stone over weight now I'm going up for 47 I'm a healthy weight and run an average of 45k a week complete changed my life around !!!

  • I would love to join you

  • Done my first couch to 5k 'run' this morning & quite enjoyed it πŸ‘Ÿ

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