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Portion distortion - any sites that show correct portion sizes?

I've just had a big wakeup call that I am 3at overweight and am now trying to lose of properly, just the half hearted tttempt I've been putting in.

Yesterday I estimated portion sizes that I had, and myfitnesspal calculated it at 1500 calories... However I wokewoke up at midnight feeling like I was going to pass out and had really numb lips and fingers, and was so hungry so I had to go and eat something.

Just over an hour ago, I had a bowl of meusli which I thought was a proper portion size,but already I have that hungry feeling coming on and feeling slightly faint.

I'm drinking plenty of water and haven't done naything strenuous, so all I can think is that I'm not eating enough. I'm not at home so can't be weighing everything, but is there a website anyone can recommend to show roughly how much a portion of food is? My housemate has a book that I can use when I get back but I need something accessible here.

Thankyou all and happy holidays!

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Secret Eaters is a cheesy but very good show on portion sizes. Don't completely cut out the good things either, small sweet snacks are still important to boost energy.

If you are used to eating lots of sugary, fatty foods like takeaways and instant food, you may feel woozy at the beginning as you're basically weaning yourself off of the thing that supplied you with energy before.

If you want to be strict with portions for full meals, cup measurements are very useful.

Take it easy, enjoy a cup of tea with a biscuit and naps are great.

oh and merry christmas. c:


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