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Pleased. But not a motivation, but it should be!

Reading many great achievements and I am genuinely pleased for how well many people are doing with their weight loss. I am not feeling spurred on for some reason, just feel 'bar humbug'...motivation zero....! Lot that high feeling you get when doing well and feeling better about yourself, perhaps it's Christmas, perhaps it's me....

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Sometimes we have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs.

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?


Inner peace, good health and bright future....


Are there any barriers to you attaining them?


As you would guess the answer is myself. I am the type of person who says yes, but perhaps means no, often getting myself into situations that are of my own doing. I don't have that inner peace, have had some challenging health issues and very often don't actually care about the future....strangely, or perhaps not, being slimmer and in control does make me feel better mentally. I just need to get back to liking myself again.


I thought I was the only person who felt like that so it's reassuring that I'm not alone, filling magazines and websites with success stories, even at slimming groups they go on about how well people have done, they say see it works! Well none of it has worked for me. I'm not giving up though and neither should you! New year here we go again, let's see if we can make it stick this time.

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Thank you.....Kindred spirits on this one....! Awful feeling to have let yourself down.....! 2017 is another year......


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