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Hi All

I am new here. End of October my life turned around. Just without any previous warning signs I suffered from TIA - mild stroke. Lucky I have not got any lasting disabilities from this episode, but seriously given me warning to sort my life out. I have high BP ,diabetics, high cholestrol and have been advised to excercise and get weight down. I weighed 83kg at that time (height 5.3 and age 57). Today I weigh 77kg. This is purely from too scare to eat in first two weeks and following this eating smaller portion. Target to loose 10kg more but need help in following a healthy diet that can be mained.

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Good morning babs57,

Welcome to the group 😊

I'm quite new here too 3-4weeks that's all, but I'm really enjoying being part of the group.

Amazing people who are very supportive and full of great ideas to keep you focused.

Sorry to hear about your TIA. It is very scary isn't it!

I had a mid brain stroke about 19 months ago which was out of the blue and it knocked me off my feet for a couple of months.

But I was so scared and wasn't ready to give in.

I worked really hard at getting back on my feet again and brain training. If you seen me now you probably wouldn't tell 😊

So keep thinking positive and steady towards your goals, you will get there 😊

I have just under a couple of stone to loose but it don't want to leave me.

So stick with us and you will reach your goals 😊

Good luck.

Hi Babs 57,

Goodluck. I think the ideas and motivation of this group and the NHS website is fantastic. They also have nice exercise programs for free that are easy to follow. I follow the strenghth and flexibility and some other aerobic videos. If you read all the success stories in the pinned posts you will also feel that it is possible to loose weight but more importantly change your life.

Well done for taking action. You'd be surprised how some people have a health scare but do nothing. At 83kgs you were in the obese range, I'm afraid and the healthy weight range for your height is 45-65kgs. You have made great progress so far, we'll done. Apart from smaller portion sizes, could you share what else are you doing? I used to be 3 stone (20kgs) heavier and I tried every diet possible. But that was over 20 years ago, I lost the weight and now I am slim and healthy. I also had a health scare, and I survived because I was slim. (According to my doctors). I am passionate about nutrition, and I'd love to help. Do let me know if you have any specific questions as I'd love to help. Over 95% of people regain lost weight. You can be one of the 5% and live a long and healthy life.

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Thank you for your support


Wishing you all the best babs57 Follow this link for healthy eating guidelines that can be maintained

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Thank you all for the encouragement. I have set up app on my app on my phone with targets. It measures my sleep pattern...calorie steps..heart rate...don't know how accurate it is but is helpining to keep motivated. I log my food on the app and it tell me what is recommended and the actual was. I have set target of 6000 steps a day and 1200 calories aday. Sometimes hard to log food as its homemade food so hard to know what the caloried but i guessimate it.

I have arranged to see the dietian at gp...and hope to start swimming .

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