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Well on Monday I found out I had to take BP medication and was worried about dizziness/swollen ankles.. my bp on Monday was 160/98.

3 days of taking the medication and I've had no side effects so far and feel fine and today when I took my blood pressure it was 127/90. So it's going in the right direction...

I went swimming for 40mins as well last night.

Thankyou all for your support and advice the other day.. it really helped me x

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  • That is really good news πŸ˜€

  • Thankyou.. it is nice to see the reading coming down.

  • Hi Bigmama99,

    Pleased to hear things are getting better.

    Well done on the 40min swim.

    I need to start swimming but il make that my 2017 project πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work.

    Hope your Christmas is wonderful.

  • Thanks.. I love swimming .. but I had to push myself to go last night but glad it did.. I'm sure you will get your swimming going next year. You keep up the good work too and have a lovely Christmas x

  • Well done for going swimming. How many lengths did you do? I did 30 last night. I got this free app called just swim to log every time I go. It's cool because it even know how long your pool is (assuming it's not your own pool of course)

  • Erm I wish I had my own pool haha... . not sure how many lengths as I always lose count but I usually reckon on a length a minute for breaststroke so about 40.. I did add in a couple of lengths of aqua jogging too but that was enough yesterday as I did feel a bit tired.

  • I need to swim quicker then as I only did 30 in 40 mins.

  • Thinking of buying one of those clicker things for the pool so I can know for definite how many lengths I'm doing...

  • Never heard of that, do you wear it?

  • Thanks for the link, it looks cool. I do lose count sometimes so will get one

  • Not sure how serious you are about swimming, but if it's something that you enjoy and wish to monitor progress, investing in a Pool Mate watch should also be considered, also available through Amazon.

    One of the models available allows it to be plugged into the computer so that lengths completed, stroke rate and stroke efficiency can be downloaded.

  • oh I will have to.take a look thanks... ... but I'm hopefully getting the fitbit charge 2 from hubby (I've given him enough hints) for Xmas to monitor my steps... so hoping that will motivate me to do more... but the watch might be something else I could get as a reward for when I get to my 1st Mark...

  • Are you taking it at home? You may well have a much higher result when a medical person does it. I think it's called white coat syndrome.

    That's a great and very speedy change.

  • yes I have my own bp monitor at home. I've been taking it myself for a couple of weeks after going to the gym for my induction and them telling me it was high.. got to go back to docs in 3 weeks time to check with them..

  • That's great X well done going swimming on a chilling Eve as well

  • That's great news 😊 Very pleased for you.

    Merry Christmas πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„πŸŒŸπŸ˜Š

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