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fresh and fruity

it's beginning....Christmas.....that time of year to feast. festivities and alcohol. I don't just use food I abuse it. I eat far more than I could evr possibly need. however I started changing this bad habit years ago, I hardly evr binge now. now I am getting in a little exercise tooo. although I may have given in to food I have always held on to the idea that one day I will overcome. beginnings, small and sweet. this year I cook dinner. this year it will be healthier ingrediants and portions. beginnings short or long are my chance to make those important alterations to the menu. for that reason I will enjoy Christmas, especially the beginnings.

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Sounds like an excellent plan 😊 Best wishes

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Well done in advance. Hope I can stay so focused and avoid the temptations. All the best to everyone. We can do itπŸŽ„πŸ˜ƒ


Good for you have s lovely Christmas xx


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