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Newbie :) post baby and post op weight loss! Advice needed!

Hi everyone :)

New to the forum and looking for some advice on losing weight.

I had my second baby in March and had 2 operations this year. Due to recovering from surgeries and having no energy left after looking after 2 little ones my weight has been creeping up all year and I feel I really need to start doing something about it.

Would like to lose around 2 Stone but when it comes to weight loss I never really know where to start! I have to be careful with my back and find after a few days of exercise it can be quite painful.

If anybody has any tips or advice on how to start and keeping motivated it would be much appreciated!


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Hi Molly, welcome to the forum. If you have a look at this link it will give you all the advice you need.


A lot of people here are following the NHS 12 week plan which is a really good place to start and gives easy to achieve goals and helpful advice. The nhs exercise pages are also good. You may not have time at the moment but I would recommend pilates and yoga for strengthening your back and core.

I would say that in your position be kind to yourself as your body has been through a lot. Good luck with starting out.


Hi. This time I am trying paleo. It is working for me so far. I found trying to eat small quantities of food like bread, pasta just left me feeling hungry. On paleo I am not hungry. Good luck, you can do it!


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