Yesterday's food diary (19/12)

Yesterday's food diary (19/12)

After a slightly disappointing weigh in yesterday (+1.4lb) I had a really healthy day yesterday and weighed in this morning with 1lb off so it paid off, so I thought I would share with everyone :)

Breakfast: Porridge with alpro coconut & banana

Snack: Brunch bar

Lunch: Tomato and mozzarella sandwich

Snack: Clementine

Dinner: Halloumi with white & wild rice with mixed vegetables, plus broccoli

Snack: Weight watchers toffee biscuits & a peppermint tea

Also included a photo of my dinner - even though it was nothing fancy and really quick to make the colours look quite pretty with the bowl I chose!


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12 Replies

  • I have a bowl like that too, and I agree it's nice to have all those colours together in a meal. A range of colours is meant to be a sign you've got a good balance of vits etc too :)

    I'm also pleased with yesterday's meals, I had a much awaited loss on my weigh in and am keen to see the trend continue.

    Breakfast - overnight porridge - oats, soya milk, honey and sunflower seeds

    Snack - clementine and 2 coffees

    Lunch - carrot and split pea soup with a roll

    Snack - 2x granola bars

    Dinner - tagliatelle with courgette and tomato sauce with cashew butter

    Afters - 1x sharon fruit

  • Your dinner sounds delicious!

  • I use cashew butter in place of cheese as I can't have dairy. It really works well with a nice pasta sauce :) and all in a bowl too :)

  • Love haloumi.... might have some over Christmas! I had my usual 3 dessert spoons homemade muesli, about 4 cups of coffee before lunch, tin of Heinz tomato soup, 1 apple, nibbled on about 5 almonds whilst putting food away (oops), then for tea had leftover Goulash with leftover cauli and leftover butternut squash - a bit of a leftover day! Oh and a mug of cocoa before bed. Must have had a couple of cups of tea in the afternoon too.

  • Love left-over days, Ottomummy. Less effort!

  • Ok, boiled egg and toast; homemade broccoli and cheese soup, small slice of stollen with smear of butter (yum!); homemade pizza margarita and homemade coleslaw. Just inside my calorie count for the day. (Self-consciously adjusts her halo 😇)

  • I've never tried halloumi, it looks nice. I had porridge made with half oats, half museli and semi skimmed milk, a banana and belgian chocolate options drink for lunch, roast pork loin, roasted veg (potato, carrot, parsnip, swede and red onion )and homemade cauliflower cheese for tea, 2 bruschetta and appiteaser cheese for supper plus a couple of white rum and diet decaf cokes. Came in just under calories and enjoyed every mouthful!

  • how do you make porridge with half porridge and museli? that sounds nice....

  • I do it in the microwave, 300ml semi skimmed milk, 15g porridge oats, 15g museli (my favourite is the luxury fruit one from Lidl) takes about 5 minutes depending how thick you like it.

  • Thanks

  • Question what is halloumi?

  • It's a firm slightly springy cheese from Cyprus. It can be eaten straight from the packet but is nicer fried or grilled.