Mini xmas target - size 16

So my "mini target" was to be a size 16 by Christmas, in jeans, from the shop I would normally buy them from (I didn't want to cheat and get them from a shop I know is more forgiving in the sizes).

So I DID try on a size 16 in jeans (I used to have to squeeze into a size 20, and eventually into a size 18) albeit I tried them on a couple of weeks ago - so not close to Christmas as I had planned.

I was super shocked to find that I could get them on without undoing the button! :o I remember forcing myself into size 20 jeans so this was a really nice shock for me.

Don't get me wrong - I couldn't move or BREATHE in these jeans and they were definitely squeezed on, and I'm sure most people wouldn't think squeezing into any size of clothing was an achievement to be so happy about - but considering previously I had to squish into a size 18, and a size 16 wouldn't even come up over my thighs, I felt getting them on at all was a massive achievement. :) In light of this being a few weeks ago - followed immediately by two weeks of 1lb gains, I haven't tried on another pair, but I will do so in the new year.

Setting goals is about being realistic and I now know I'd never have been able to actively wear a size sixteen right now. In light of this, I'm moving my "size 16" target to the end of January but adding that I want to be a "comfortable" size 16. Meaning no bulging tummy over the top!

I'm hoping re-setting this target, doing the mini exercise challenge and the 5 week pre-holiday challenge, will help keep me on track for this goal for when I get measured for a bridesmaid dress at the end of January :)

I thought writing this post might help put my head on straight and stop eating the box of heroes behind me! :P :) :)


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10 Replies

  • Step away from the Heroes! They are out to get you.

  • They're not even that nice :/ I won't eat anymore! And I will resolve not to have any other rubbish unnecessary chocolate either :)

  • it's good to set realistic goals and also know when u need to move them.

    good luck with getting into your size 16 jeans comfortably.... my next size is 16 too but just got into my size 18 so will be a while yet.

    have a lovely xmas & hope u stay in control and reach your goal soon x

  • Thank you :) you too!

  • Well done you, you're really getting there and fitting into smaller sizes always feels good! :) Enjoy the Christmas holidays and have fun!

  • Thank you :) I will get there in the end! Have a lovely Christmas

  • In some ways, fitting into smaller sizes is more meaningful than numbers on the scales. Keep going and soon you will be telling us about those cheeky 14s! Xx

  • Thanks! :)

  • Oh well done. I'm soo pleased. I been stUckfield at size 18..loose..16 tight for over a month and reading your post has given me a boost. I cone from a sizero 20 July so know exactly how you feel. I'm so yo yo I got size 14s and the odd 12 in my wardrobe not fitted since my local Aldershot closed in the credit thanks. my target is to be overweight and not 9bese by end of March..two stones..Bless you and keep up the good are amazing..and so am i😆😆😆

  • You are amazing! :) March is a good point to aim for. You can do it! X

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