Monday 19 December pledge?

Dear Everyone

I need to rein in my mindless eating. My health hasn't been great for the last 3 weeks and I have been eating my favourite foods I.e. chocolate to aid my recovery 😂 As well as that my husband is at home looking after Miss Fizz. He is a feeder and I've been fed amazing meals (he's a chef) and evening treats and red wine 😳

My pledge for today is not to eat any chocolate 🍫

Anyone else want to pledge? Doesn't have to be chocolate


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11 Replies

  • I'll pledge! I've been watching the old liquid calories but there's been more socialising than usual because of the time of year with mulled wine, cider and rum all tempting me. Also still job hunting, i.e. the evening after an interview I tend to 'reward' myself, plus I have a hard to override conviction that rum will help see off my cough that's still hanging around since November!

    Last week I aimed to stay under 10 units for the week and didn't manage it. So I'd like to pledge 3 dry days this week tues, thurs and sat. And to try to stay under 10 units for the week.

    Hope you're feeling better by now Fizzyliz :) Can you lure yourself away from the chocs with options sachets or similar?

  • You've been looking after yourself and getting well FizzyLiz, please dont feel bad about it. Your husband sounds like a treasure. Its good to be aware of bad habits creeping up on us though, and nip them in the bud!

    I will join you in a pledge, my bad habit is lack of exercise.

    My kids are off school for 2 weeks so I wont have my usual 30 mins of day of very fast (oh bum, late AGAIN, followed by can-I-walk-as-fast as-they-can-scooter?) walking school run. I need to replace this exercise in my day, so I'm pledging 30 mins fast walk at some point today.

  • i pledge to keep on track, been a few side steps lately,

  • I will pledge like jiminycricket to move my butt! I have lost motivation with exercise recently but I am going to spend the next 2 weeks getting back on track- literally 😀

  • Morning

    Glad to see you are being looked after fizzy liz . CHocolate is defiantly my comfort food turn too as well. I manage better by having smaller amounts of dark chocolate .

    My pledge is no cheese between now and Friday ! I have had rather a lot over the weekend ( cheese and crackers are my second default )

  • I pledge to walk 50 miles this week.

    I pledge that no alcohol will pass my lips, and I will have alcohol free wine instead (far fewer calories). I like the red that Morrisons sells.

    My pledge runs out on Saturday lol!

  • Morning FizzyLiz , I'm definitely up for this challenge!

    I pledge to stay away from carbs this week and only drink water (no alcohol)

    Kick start for the new year 🤗

  • Morning FizzyLiz, I'll pledge to not eat chocolate till 10pm tonight. :-)

  • hi fizzyliz .. my pledge is to eat low carb again for the rest of the week and go to the gym everyday until Friday... I want to bank some extra calories for next weekend x

  • Good job. I'm chocolated out today

  • Glad you are feeling better FizzyLiz 😊 And good luck with your pledge

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