It's beginning to look like and feel like Christmas!!!

Had a great afternoon at the mall when I left to go it was light snowflakes and in the end coming home we were having our third snow storm this week. We have enough snow for Christmas Santa.!! Had some laughter with other people and a high fiver as well. Then there were some squabbles between couples I had to have a small chuckle. And the line ups seem longer this year than other years maybe where the holidays are on the weekend this year. I snuck to the cosmetic counter for my few things for me haha. Well now I am all ready for Christmas and have the spirit of the holidays in me. Thanks to everybody at the mall that made my day!! Oh and I got my McDonalds coffee.


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9 Replies

  • A white Christmas. Lovely. Xx

  • Awww! I am so jealous I cannot remember when we had a truly white Christmas last here. Glad you had a good time. ❄️❄️☃️☃️🎄🎄

  • By my re-collection, it may have been 2010 or 2011.

  • Ah was that just an official one snow flakes falling on the PO Tower on xmas day? It would be lovely to have snow all around just a sprinkling. I can remember 2 years ago it snowing heavily on Boxing Day as my son took 4 hours to get home lol.

  • Glad to hear that you're beginning to enjoy the festive season as it ought to be, by virtue of the changes you've made in recent weeks, hopefully helping you to appreciate that the challenge you've undertaken isn't nearly as impossible as it may have first appeared.

    Just continue on the road upon which you've embarked and the rest will gradually fall into place.

  • Glad you had a lovely day! :-) Sounds really lovely. :-)

  • A Merry White Christmas to you Wadestreet. You must be near my sister in law, she's in Pennsylvania saying it's snowing. We were there a few years ago in January/February, it's great and I can see why you love it so much, though we did fall over a few times. We love it. Have a great time. You sound fun x

  • Actually I am from Canada.

  • Ooops sorry, Wadestreet! though I have seen Niagara Falls frozen, it's an amazing site but then it's an amazing site at any time. Have a great Christmas and thank you for making it sound so much fun. 🎅😁 x

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