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Mince Pies


I've been fighting a bug all week and have been couch bound apart from a couple of trips to the shops. Unfortunately both times I bought a box of mince pies thinking they would be eaten one a day. Sadly not, they were so tasty that I got through a box in a day. Yesterday in asda I fought the urge and bought mango and pineapple. Here's hoping I can resist temptation next week.

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DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

All those Christmas goodies are just so tempting. When you are feeling low, you do sometimes need a little of what you fancy to make you feel better. Glad you are feeling stronger now and reaching for the fruit - full of vitamin C to help you get better quickly.

To tell the truth I have become a grump about Christmas with the encouragement of excess in all aspects of our lives, and the pressures it puts on families in the commercially driven 'festive' season. The most precious thing is time and fun with family and friends. I am finding the pressure to conform overwhelming and I am not surprised about your mince pie encounter. On the NHS one you site is the link to positive psychology TED lecture which is short and funny, but with a serious message for emotional eats like me, and may be you too. Take a look and see if it helps. Get back on track, and be kind to yourself. All the best.


Well I was in M&S food hall today and declined the offer of a free mince pie. Maybe I've turned a corner...

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