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I haven't exercised in a long time.

There's to much bad stuff happening in the place I go to study regarding a complaint I made about a staff member and I haven't been helped nor supported. I've been told that the person who I turned to for help isnt going to do anything and hasn't been told to keep his distance as I have asked as he makes me uncomfortable, for many weeks and months he's been also playing psychological games which has resulted in me getting unwell due to the meetings I've had. Someone helped me understand what he is doing is playing psychological games and now my heart isn't in anything any more. I've also been told that it's my fault and then get told no one believes me. I've also been told that they know him personally and really like him personally so I haven't been helped or been given the support. I suffer from anxiety badly and am attending my first support group on Tuesday .

There's a trip to Berlin that I wanted to go with the college that I'm at but he is going so I'm going on my own. I've been told because I'm going on my own I can't take part in anything with my class as I'm going as an independent traveller.

I'm , as a result to that, now in counselling and I've just had my •first session•

I haven't been eating well at all which basically means I haven't been eating and I have it done any exercises ,my hearts not in it anymore

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Hi nsidra,

I'm so sorry to hear you've got some stressful things going on at the moment. It must be hard to cope with, especially when you haven't had the support you were hoping to receive.

I am glad to hear that you've reached out, and that you're receiving some counselling, and I hope your first session has gone well. Try to be kind to yourself, and maybe try to de-stress and relax as much as you can over the weekend.

I know it can be hard to eat properly when you're experiencing stress, but having good nutrients in your body is important, so please try to have healthy, well balanced meals, and maybe try to have some gentle walks so that you can enjoy the fresh air and perhaps clear your mind a bit.

I hope the weekend goes well for you nsidra . Try to distract yourself from any worries by doing something you enjoy - so you can de-stress and relax. Listen to some calming music, watch a TV programme you enjoy, phone a friend or whatever kind of thing would relax you and allow you to enjoy your weekend.

Take care,

Lowcal :-)


Can you raise the complaint elsewhere at college, via student welfare or the student union? Sometimes the process of making a complaint can be as stressful/more stressful than the thing that prompted you to raise the complaint in the first place. I hope you feel someone is able to advise you properly soon. In the meantime try to look after yourself. Take care :)

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Thank you

I got in contact with student union but the person hasn't helped at all. I'm going to my first support group , what has happened effected me very badly and has caused me to become unwell. I've been advised to may be watch a film or programme that I enjoy. I'm trying but it's very difficult. I don't know how to look after myself and cope. I don't know what coping means because I think I don't know how. So I'm trying to do things very slowly and trying to like things again which has become very difficult.


Is the support group via uni or through your doctors? Good luck with the recovery process, taking small steps at a time sounds like very good advice :)

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It's from neither

Someone had emailed me because I needed help

He recommended it

One of the places that the support group is held near my home so I'm going there

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Sounds like you've had some good luck then. Hope you find some solutions to all the stress going on, best wishes :)


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