Is my LBD doomed?

Loving all these posts from successful slimmers and their new , smaller size party clothes! Hope everyone feels Belle of the Ball this christmas.

This weekend I'm going away to a smart hotel for a special friend's birthday party. At last, I thought, a second chance to wear the velvet LBD that I showcased last year when I reached target! It still fits perfectly and I have new black suede heels to go with it.... but I've woken up today with a streaming cold, temperature and hacking cough. Nothing I can do but lay low today, dose up on parecetomol and keep fingers crossed 😕

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  • Oh no! My boyfriend was ill this week and missed his works party so we had a little mini party at home instead. So maybe you can hang out in your LBD anyway, no need for a party to get it out and see how good it looks again :)

  • Ha good idea Ruth, but really hoping if I take it easy today I'll feel a bit better by tomorrow p.m

  • Just throw everything at it then, hope you can beat it by tomorrow :)

  • Aww fingers crossed you feel well enough to attend 🙄

  • Thanks Truly!

  • Oh no! Hope it's a 24 hour thing and you feel much better so that you can rock that LBD!

  • Stock up with lots of vitamin C Elliebath

  • ^^ Thank you ladies, I have a bag of satsumas at my side, a big jug of water, and am inhaling from a bowl of Friars' Balsam .... kill or cure!

  • Oh no! Berocca is really good, concentrated vitamin c tablet that you dissolve in water and quite nice to drink. Keep yourself well hydrated and we'll keep everything crossed you get to go 🙏 ...

  • Oh no!! You don't have time to be ill!! Grrr 😡😡😡

    Hope you are soon feeling better and can enjoy your party 😊

  • Speedy recovery elliebath.

  • Keep warm, Hope you make it and have a fabulous weekend.

  • Loads of fluids, get the temperature down, flush out that nasty cold. And paracetamol too. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Oh no! How are you feeling this morning?

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely supportive messages . I struggled out last night to my nephew's Christmas concert, which was lovely (although to be honest I couldn't wait to get home to my bed) and today the sneezing and cough have been joined by the sweats and aching limbs. Although we had planned to go away today for 2 nts, my friend's main birthday event is actually sunday, so I've decided to forego today's preamble in order to have (hopefully) 1 good night away tomorrow. At the moment I'm by the fire, staring at a bare christmas tree while O.H faithfully untangles the lights ready for me to decorate'll get done when it gets done ..

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