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Evening all. Can anyone point me to any recipe books or websites that have ideas for meals that don't involve things like lentils, courgettes, aubergines, asparagus and similar please? My husband and I both need to lose weight but we are a family who like to eat simple stuff like roast dinners, pastas, homemade burgers and I need some inspiration for meal ideas suitable for a family of 4 with big appetites and sweet teeth!!


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  • hi.. I recently bought the book.. "eat well for less"... it has some great family friendly recipes in it which are really healthy.. the stew recipe is amazing and the kids actually ask me to make it now rather than saying "yuk".... and it can be all done on budget !

  • Yes, I would agree with Bigmama99, I love that book, and so far all my dishes have turned out a success that even my vegetable-hating partner likes. The only one which was not a success was the chocolate beetroot cake which I ended up having to eat all by myself - so avoid that one!

  • Carry on your simple stuff but eat less of it, add more veg that you do like and weigh portions of carbs like pasta & potatoes. Use less oil & fat for cooking.

    People on here do suggest options for lower calorie sweet stuff, but I don't like anything sweet so can't help.

    Good luck

  • Hairy Dieters are good, I also like Joe Wicks lean in 15.

    I mostly cook normal food, just watch the portion size, especially the meat and carbohydrate portions. Plenty of veg and salad, about half the plate 😊

    Sweet tooth is more problematic, I have found it was mostly habit and have just about conquered mine but it takes time and a lot of effort. Most research now suggests sugar really is not good so is something to really try to restrict. πŸ˜• With time you can change your tastebuds 😊

    Good luck

  • Thank you all for your replies😊 I will have a look at the 3 books mentioned and maybe Santa may put one in my stocking if I don't eat his mince pieπŸŽ…

    Portion size is definately a big problem in our house. My hubby is 6ft 2 with a very physical job and a very big appetite and dishes out huge portions for everyoneπŸ™„ I need to summon up my inner strength to say no to the big portions, my sweet tooth however, needs a miracle to tame it!

  • It can be so hard to say no to a big portion! I would second the Hairy Dieters book - loads of good recipes and mostly easy to make. I love the fish pie! But no one else in my house does, so I end up freezing most of it to take to work for lunch.

  • Look for low card recipes..

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