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Thursday food diary :) 15/12

Hey everyone! A bit later with this tonight, I've had a super busy day! I managed to fit in a 45 minute aerobics session that was really fun! I have my work Christmas party tomorrow so I am expecting to have a couple of hiccups but I've had a healthy week in the lead up and plan on a healthy weekend too.

Breakfast was the usual, porridge with raspberries

snack was also the usual, a raisin cereal bar.

I also had a mini mince pie...

Lunch was carrot sticks with peanut butter followed by Aldi's vegetable sushi. Yum :)

snack was 5 prunes

Dinner was veggie bolognese (made with soya mince, celery, carrots and mushrooms so lots of veggies!)

Hope everyone has had a good day and looking forward to seeing some other food diaries :D

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Sounds like a good day 😊 And a few treats included too.

Enjoy your party 😊🎄🎉🎈😊

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Thank you!!


Sounds like you're keeping a nice balance between healthy and few tiny treats :) I'm also trying to strike this balance, had a couple of glasses of wine last night but I was out and made sure they were small...

breakfast - porridge with soya milk and 1/2 banana

snack - 2 x clementines and 2 x coffees

Lunch - baked sweet potato with tuna mayo and peas

snack - cashew nuts

early eve - 2x small glasses of wine plus small handful 'cofresh' potato grill snacks

dinner - pasta tubes with carrot, red pepper and tomato sauce with a spoonful of cashew butter

plus water with lime slices

Came in under cals and also fixed my puncture so could cycle home too :)

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Nice meals. To my shame and regret, I still can not deny myself a grilled chicken. I have a small rotisserie oven, so cook them pretty often. I can not help myself, I just love hot wings.

The only thing I do - trying to avoid oil.



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