Returning to normal

Well after a very painful and unpleasant hormonal few days ( luckily things are much better 9 years on), things are normal, well for me, I was truly achy, sugar craving, stomach aches and not knowing exactly how I felt! Add to that almost feeling sick and between hungry)

I know truly know that I hate gaining weight, almost any.................................needing to put my body right, seems very normal, am I the only one?


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10 Replies

  • I think it is the human condition that we are seldom content for long.

    It's probably down to factors like personality, experience and motivation what we focus on, unless it's a disorder that is detrimental to you.

  • I'm fairly content, I just hate these pesky menopause hormones, that cause me at times to feel really unwell, and are very annoying!

  • What are you eating these days Diana?

  • Just normal food, it's not dietary related my hormonal bloats!

  • Maybe that's my obsession Diana; Dr Rosedale relates that there are about 200 gene differences between a man and a woman, whereas each meal affects around 8000. Most people truly underestimate the power of food, or the junk that gets peddled.

  • Eventually those see-saw hormones will settle down again and you will rediscover a life on a more even keel. I know, I have been there! In the meantime, go easy on the coffee and highly spiced foods, avoid bread and wheat based products which are known to aggravate bloating.

    Maybe find a good book to divert your mind from your cravings? I love my Kindle for such purposes. At that time, I found a mix of dried fruit, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds allowed me to "graze" and stopped me from picking at chocolate and cake.....

  • I do try, at 9 years in, I had hoped this monster was over, it's been so annoying and quite frank stealing my time and energy!

  • As a old school friend hit 50 a couple of years a go I went to her house party and it was bring a plate, an older friend who'd been through that hormonal change brought along this wonderful salad full of very nutritious ingredients I still remember it tasting lovely and from time to time I make it up. It included bulghar wheat, soya beans, pomegranate, spring onions, cress and avocado in a oil free dressing

    I have stopped eating as much bread drink more herbal teas and take a menopase vitamin - all of these just help me deal with those pesky hormones

  • Thankyou

  • glad your feeling better today x

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