Red Face

Red Face


So today whilst at the docs for an ear issue I mention the change I've felt under my armpits.

"It feels very hard and I can grab out of it" *doc checks*

"It's your pectoral muscles they've grown and you can now feel them, have you noticed a lift in your breasts?"

"Errrrrm I don't know"

Oh my god so red!!!

I've gone down some back sizes but that was unexpected lol


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14 Replies

  • Hi Crimson85j,

    An unexpected side effect of your increased fitness and weight loss - being your developed pectoral muscles. Wow, that is a surprise, but a good one! You look great by the way!

    Hope you have a really great weekend, it's nearly here.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oops don't know if to say never mind or well done. Probably a bit of both 😶

  • Yup!! Lols

  • Great :-)

    Bet your GP loved it as well. It's lovely to give good news in the nhs 😊😊

  • She was asking me if I had been aching coz she always aches there after her body pump class lol

  • You must be so pleased!

  • Yes very pleased. I've always loved lifting weights and the muscle gain although the doc says may slow my weight loss works wonders for my hormone issues! Woop

  • Love this 😊❤️😂 Well done you

  • haha... well done on the weight loss so far x

  • Haha! That's funny, and fantastic too! Well done, you've been working hard!

  • Looking good. You are so pretty🙂

  • Awww thanks ♥

  • Dietbunny this one is for you lols

  • Thanks Crimson85j !

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