Thursday's weigh in day again

Please to report I've lost another 1.25lbs this morning to bring me to 2 stones 2.25lbs in total - now weighing in at 16stone 10lbs

Resisted the Cadbury's Heroes in the staff room at lunchtime (approx 50 cals each !?!?!?) as it's the staff meal tonight which is three courses - hoping I've chosen reasonably sensibly with carrot soup, turkey roast dinner and then a naughty pud that I can't remember but all the puds were fairly naughty

It will be my only meal out per se so hopefully the rest of the week will be good before the Christmas melee


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  • That should read 2 stones 1.75lbs in total - ye gods I work in Finance you'd think I could count!

  • Brilliant! Well done, Annabelle. Love reading success stories on here.

  • well done Annabelle on your amazing weight loss have a lovely time at your works meal

  • Hi Annabelle,

    Congratulations on losing another 1.25 lbs - that's a great result! :-) Well done for resisting those Cadbury Heroes at lunchtime! Wow, 50 calories a piece. I can believe it, I've just looked up Guylian seashell chocolates, which I had last night, and I wish I had resisted, as I had 8, (not sure where my self-control went last night... lol) and the total calories was 500...!!! I feel bad about that, but it's in the past, and I'm moving on today!

    I hope you enjoy your Staff Christmas meal tonight - I am also going to a Christmas meal out as well - and I suspect quite a few people will be going out - so good luck to us all!!!

    Here's to an enjoyable evening, and a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I got bought a box of 88! Of those seashells for my birthday back in March! I couldn't believe how many calories they add up to and how annoyingly moreish they are. I did not need 88 of them hanging around!

  • Wow - 88 of them!!! That would total 5,500 calories!!!! I can't believe how big that box must have been - to contain 88 chocolates!!! :-)

  • good work love...keep it up i also have bout 41/2 to shift .so I know its not easy..but brill work πŸ™‚

  • Those sound like good choices for a Christmas meal! I'm sure there were worse choices you could have made so well done for being so motivated. I cannot say no to heroes or celebrations and have decided not to buy any (we had some at work and I had four, eventhough I'd taken a small bit of chocolate as a treat already and they weren't even in the same room as me!) so I'm very impressed with your resistance.

    Congratulations on your amazing progress :)

  • Tbh for Christmas I've decided I won't not have chocolate but I've bought a box of my favourite Thorntons Continentals and some of the Green and Blacks mini bars and try and make them last - my theory is if I'm using precious calories on chocolate I want it to be my favourites not the leftovers in the Celebrations tub that noone else likes

  • Good thinking! And good luck.

  • Grrrrr 😑😑😑 chocolate!!! I succumbed at the weekend πŸ˜• Felt quite bleurgh after - timely warning!

    Well done Annabelle_Bebbs 😊 You are doing amazingly πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Hope you can do better next week - hey my physio just told me 1and 1/2 stones overweight is ok and better for me than still smoking 30 a day!!!

  • I've lost just over 2lbs since last week, so feeling really chuffed! Started a walking regime of about 1km - 1mile whichever is greater a day and hopefully that'll help me shift my lbs!!!

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