food isn't all it's cracked up to be

I keep on eating. I keep gaining weight. I have found the nhs website to help you lose weight and I decided to try it. I have nothing to lose, apart from the weight. couldn't be better, it's what you call a no brainer. but I know from experience it's not that easy, brains or no brains, but not for dinner!!!!! I am on the look out for a cold rice recipe wit lots of veg and lentils and beans? My efforts to be funny are probably as useless as my efforts to date to lose weight. But things are going to change. First, me!!!!


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  • Hi Becca70,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NhS forum. I hope you'll enjoy being part of this community and that you have success with your weight loss goals. Maybe read our Welcome Newbie post as a good starting point, and the NHS 12 week plan is really good, so worth a look - many of us are following the principles of that plan. The Welcome Newbie post is in the Pinned posts area - right hand side of the homepage.

    Wishing you an excellent week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Cold cooked rice plus any cooked or raw vegetables chopped up small and plenty of preferably fresh herbs. Pomegranate seeds forextra colour.I've never thought of adding lentils so thanks for the idea. I don't have a recipe I've always just chucked in whatever comes to hand.

  • I love pomegranate seeds always add them

    I use cracked bulghar wheat as a change occaaionally

  • I have a good risotto recipe which I can post if you would like me to?

  • I dont have a cold rice recipe for you but thought I would just say "hello and hope you are successful in starting your diet again😆" x

  • I boil rice in vegetable stock and add a bit of paprika and curry powder salt and pepper, red pepper finely chopped and some herbs and then I served it ontop of salad leaves :) I've never had lentils or anything but I'm sure you can chuck in whatever you like and it'll be nice.

  • Try always thinking possitive

    Getting on board and Losing weight to begin with can be a struggle but I rejoined and added a little extra in the form of a challenge HealthyTanja to the changing my eating habbits and keeping moving and that doesnt have to be a lot x

  • Look at lebanese recipes or I think Ottolenghi does something like this

    Cold rice can be bland without lots of flavour. So I fry some very finely chopped onion (1/2 onion per person), finely chop sundried tomatoes (2 per person), boil 50g rice per person, and separately boil 25g green lentils per person. (These quantities are assuming this is the main part of your meal). Then mix all 4 parts together. You can substitute sundried tomatoes with sultanas/dried apricots, and you can liven up the onion by adding spices e.g. a few caraway/cumin/fennel seeds, depending what you've got. Even just adding a load of fresh ground pepper will help. You can prepare things like this in advance and freeze in portion sizes ready to add into your packed lunches etc. Enjoy :)

  • I think it is marvellous that you are making positive steps to taking control of your life, and that sense of humour is just what you need. I am so please others can help you with the rice top tip is to download couch to 5 k, I am on week 7 and for someone who detested the very idea of any form of exercise, let alone doing it, it has been a god send. You. can buy from car phone wear house a holder for your phone which goes around your arm and wireless earphones for £20. It starts off painlessly and builds you up slowly. Good luck!

  • Hi Becca,

    I love your positive attitude and I think your post just about says it all; food really isn't all it's cracked up to be and eating more than our bodies need doesn't make us happy at all. We are just programmed to think that we can't be happy without over indulging and it simply isn't true. That's a pretty strange concept when we have spent our whole lives centred around food.

    The NHS plan does work and I had many, many attempts to turn over a new leaf before I found it and it's certainly worked for me and I hope it does for you too. Keep trying Becca because you will find something that works for you and with the help and support of the lovely people on this forum it is much easier than going alone.

    No matter what the season, or the occasion, smaller portions are a good idea and I like your recipe idea. I tend to make recipes up as I go along though.

    I would use cooked wholegrain basmati rice, any leftover veg I have and cook a few lentils separately. I have also found sachets of ready cooked lentils and mushrooms from the Coop by "Merchant Gourmet" which are lovely. For spices I add garlic and a pinch of chilli to everything and a bit of curry powder (I always treat myself to some really good spices from a local Asian supermarket). Another alternative I like is garlic, lemon juice and zest and mixed herbs with a little pepper and or chilli. Eaten hot or cold it is really yummy.

    Good luck x

  • My friend swears by cauliflower rice. I haven't tried it myself yet, but she says it helped her husband lose 3 stones and it's delicious. I know James Martin has a cauli rice recipe and I have actually seen "cauli rice" in the prepared vegetable section of the supermarket. I think I might give it a go today. There are lots of cauli rice recipes around now.

  • Quinoa is always good to add to this sort of dish and full of protein :)

  • Wishing you success, lots of helpful ideas from folk here too

  • Great post @becca70! Really made me chuckle...brains for dinner lol :)

    I can't help with the recipe but can offer you a special threat to post in when you're feeling tempted to jump off the wagon. Each day I post a Happiness Challenge post, which contains 7 exercises that will help you to focus your mindset on the positive, which in turn will make you stronger, more resilient and better able to keep on track towards health and weightloss. Today's post is always pinned on the right :)

    Best of luck and keep being funny!

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