Low impact exercise

Hey everyone, I'd like some suggestions for some lower impact/easy exercises I could do. I used to run a bit and go to the gym before I started working full time, but now I live in a built up area so don't really fancy running and to be honest I feel quite tired and just want to wind down in the evenings. Would be really grateful for some tips/ideas for exercises I could do a few times a week, as I would really like to contribute some fitness to my weight loss. :)


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12 Replies

  • Try Pilates. Improves your core strength, slow workout but you break out a sweat.

  • I've read quite a bit about it, and it sounds good, but I'm not the most flexible haha! Does that matter?

  • With a good teacher, it will gradually improve your flexibility. The exercises are mainly stretching and slowly building up strength. It helps posture and all kinds of back problems.

  • I do pilates :) It's really good. It definitely improves your core!

  • Hi Izzy,

    Here are a couple of page links to the NHS Choices website that you might find helpful.

    The first is the Fitness Studio resources:


    The second concerns specifically 'low impact' exercise options:


    Hope those are helpful.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That's really helpful. I used to go to Yoga every week when I was studying. Perhaps I'll try that again!

  • Several of us on here like Lesley Sansome on YouTube 😊 (Thank you Caz28 ) One mile walk in 20 minutes, plus longer ones and fat busting ones etc 😊

    I like to put my own music on and just follow her moves 😊🎤😊

  • Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check her out :)

  • I do the Leslie Sansone walks too, I belong to a group on Facebook and we also use Body Blades. Recently I started to do Tai Chi too all good ways of exercising without having to go out.

  • I quite like Denise Austin on you tube she does a few low impact dance workouts - not too scary😀

  • Thank you nteapea for recommending this. 😀

  • Swimming is a good muscle workout which is low impact.

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