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Well begun is half done! Hopefully! :)

Hi everyone! I felt very unfit today so decided to something about it. I am preparing for an important exam so stress gets to me sometime. May be it is one reason why I feeling lethargic, unhappy and unhealthy all at once.

Taken the print out of week one chart from the pdf. Going to follow it. And detox the mind as well as the body. Will share how the Week goes.

Have a good week everyone! Than you!

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Hi anusha812,

Well done for joining us. There are some amazing inspiring people on here!

I hope one day we to can post our success story and inspire new people 🙂

Good luck.


It really does get easier - it was hard calorie counting to start with and weighing everything, but now it is second nature - hubby has even got involved

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good luck with week one x

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Starting is the most difficult so well done! 😊

Have a look at the Newbies post and ask if you have any questions, we're a very friendly forum 😊

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Good luck! How are you getting on?


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