Another week gone, but now not following NHS plan

Hi All. This week dare I look at the scales, I dared from 16stone 11 to 17 stone a 3lb gain. I am officially not dieting over the Christmas period, it's not that I can't, it's that I just don't want to, Which means gains and now I should lose my 1 stone badge. My mission now through Christmas is to slow this weight gain considerably and not go soo crazy, not to binge. I have made one success if you can call it that, while I was ordering my groceries online Originally I had ordered Lebkuchen, mince pies, twiglets and ice cream. Then two friends from work inspired me to keep up the good work, turn things around, so I listened and I went back online and just ended up buying lebkuchen, my favourite, though it appears I have been doing other things to ruin my weight loss, maybe for Christmas I will write a diary, so I can see exactly what I get up to when I am left off diet. I think I will be seriously motivated to try again after Christmas, but a 5lb gain in two weeks is not what I had hoped for, if you do the crime you must do the time right. Well here's to Christmas, may everyone's be full of warmth and joy, All the best. Jp.


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15 Replies

  • Hope you don't put too much on and hope you are motivated to come back after the festive season

    Wishing you all the best for the festive season and look forward to seeing you here

  • I will be super motivated when I get back, all the diet talk is making me plan for the future months. I hope not to put too much on, weight loss forum and writing about weight gains, bit of a contradiction!

  • hope you have a lovely xmas and get back onto it properly again in the new year when your head is in the right place for dieting again...... it's so hard to be good at this time of the year with so much temptation x

  • Yes and I am sure that other people do so much better, I will do the diet in the new year and I will have a whole year until the next Christmas, where hopefully I would of learnt better control. we'll see. At least the issues are there for me to see and I am not hiding away from them.

  • Please stop thinking what other people will do.... compare yourself to yourself alone. The only thing that matters is you and how you deal with your weight/food relationship. I read the posts about people doing major exercise regimes and marvel at their tenacity and ability to do them but that does not makeme try tto copy them (heaven forbid !!) but it also doesn't make me think that I can't step outside the door. Keep going - we'll get there eventually even if it takes a while longer than others. Have a good Christmas and New Year. P.s Lebkuchen are my favourites too......:-) :-)

  • Thanks Marylou that was helpful, I don't feel like I am having a good time of it at the moment, in life generally too.

  • I can certainly relate to that feeling! Hang on in there :-) :-)

  • I'm sure it won't undo all your work to have a few seasonal treats. A healthy diet should allow for a bit of what you fancy every now and then otherwise you risk feeling deprived and going off the rails. I think keeping a food diary is a good idea as that gives you a basic level of accountability. Also how about trying to just stick to the upper end of the recommended calorie range on the NHS BMI calculator. If you can do this at least a few days a week you'll still feel an element of being in contol. Good luck and enjoy :) And hope the scales are a bit more cooperative next time :)

  • Yes, that is a good idea, i'm going to start being more careful tonight. I think the problem with me is that i'm soo use to having a lot more food so when I am off diet I eat much more then the average person and my work colleagues have said that also. So I think I need a year of eating a lot less, so that I get use to it, and then after a year of doing it, a good run I shouldn't want so much when Christmas comes around next year. I hope that logic sounds reasonable. Thanks Ruth-canal-runner for your thoughts. Jp.

  • Think Ruth's advice of using max amount of calories is good plan. I have also struggled for years with my weight. Years ago, 1000 calls was norm advice for weight loss, totally unsustainable. Started in April with around 5stones to lose. Used Bmi to get calorie intake. Aim for 14 to 1600 on weekdays and lift it at weekend. I weigh on a Saturday and at start allowed myself a one off non accountable treat if I lost on top of my higher allowance to myself. This was great help. My losses have been small and steady, with no yoyo ing. Have only gained 0.6lbs in 9 months and maintained on weeks where 'Life' happens and when life happens I live it, have no guilt and pull in next day. I write everything down and on life days I put Christmas night out, etc and forget it. My aim is to lose or maintain. Deffo don't want to yoyo as it's difficult to lose it first time without doing it again and again! I now have 1.6lbs to lose for 3 St. Hoping for this by Christmas Eve. If not, definitely soon. My only regret is that this sensible allowance of calories and support was not available years ago. Wishing you success and a happy 'Life' plan x

  • That sounds brilliant, I just don't feel like I can be on a diet anysort at present, I don't feel like I can be that good for that amount of the time.

  • You have done well before. You can pick this up again when you are ready. It's not about being good or bad and weight and food are just part of the picture. If the rest of life is feeling hard, it's just human not to have the resources to prioritise control and discipline. I hope that you can get some pleasure from the yummy things and really enjoy them rather than eating them but chastising yourself. Be gentle and kind. You are more than the sum of the things that you can control.😀

  • that is very sweet of you, thanks.

  • Writing down EVERYTHING you eat most definitely helps me keep on track, even if I go waaaay over I can tell myself I was on track 6 days out of 7 for example 😊

    It's a sensible plan to try damage limitation . . . Buts it's a tough time of year 😕

    Good luck

  • Many thanks Anna.

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