Near the start of long journey

Very overweight and unfit.

Started walking regularly rather than getting bus 2 years ago to increase activity levels.

Started cycling in March (after gap of 25 years!) My first cycle trip of about 4 miles left me completely shattered, but improved quickly and joined women's cycle group.... Now regularly cycle 10+ miles per day. And over 2,200 miles pushed through my wheels in 9 months!

I've lost some weight and am much less unfit.... But still unfit and have BMI of around 30....

People, have, however noticed I've lost some weight ..... This is good, but this website suggests I need to lose a further 21.5 kg. So "just" another 3 stone!


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10 Replies

  • It sounds like you've already made a very good start. You're exercising lots. Now sounds like the perfect time to work on the rest. Good luck!

  • sounds like your already doing the right things already.. maybe take your measurements rather than looking at the scales as that might track your progress better.with u being more active.

    good luck x

  • Hi and welcome - well done on your progress to getting out there and getting fit, sounds like you are doing well in that area

    I also need to loose about 3 stone - daunting isn't it? I am aiming for little goals and working towards my first stone, ideally I would have liked it before Christmas, but realistically now aiming for end of February - as Christmas is coming and I want to enjoy it, will try my best to being good however know my activity will slow down even if my food intake is watched closely.

    I am following the NHS 12 week plan and gawd it was hard counting calories to start with and realise you have portion distortion - now it is so much easier and I don't feel as though I am missing out on anything really

    All the best and look forward to seeing more posts on your progress - I weigh on Mondays and do the measurements too - that has helped.

    Have a look at the pinned newbies thread some great info in there :)

    Onwards and downwards :)

  • Very very well done

  • You've been very successful so far so you clearly know just what to do. well done!

  • How much do you think you need to lose? The ideal weight on a website doesn't mean it is ideal for you. Just concentrate on losing, say, 1/2 a stone to start with, or getting below the next stone mark or half stone mark, then re-assess and set another goal. Make small changes to your diet too and you will start to lose a bit more. Slow and steady is fine.

  • I didnt dare look at the target weight. 😕 I set out to lose three stone, I'm almost there but looking at these charts I should still be two stone lighter 😕

    Focus on the positives, you are doing fantastic walking and cycling. Also your clothes, and use a tape measure 😊

    Just small changes to eating can make a big difference, dieticians no longer recommend a huge calorie defecit

  • go for it, you've already made. great start

  • Doing the exercising will help you. I thought i had 2 stone to lose until i checked my bmi and it said i need to lose 4 stone in total, which was a complete shock! I have so far lost a stone and 3lb since joining this website. I just take it week by week now and don't get disheartened if i don't lose weight, or even gain the odd pound. The support on here is amazing and i certainly would not have lost the weight that i have done so far, without the support from this forum. Good luck, onwards and downwards ☺

  • Well done on increasing your activity levels and fitness. Like others have said don't get too caught up on the numbers. Muscle weighs more than fat so your ideal weight might be on the higher side of the weight range for your height.

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