The Story So Far

Thought I would give you my story so far, if for nothing else but to keep me moving forward.

July 25 2016 I decided I had enough of being overweight and unfit so embarked on my journey. Starting weight 223lbs totally unfit.

Today 182lbs (1lb short of 3 stone) and completed C5K.

When I started C5K at 223lbs I found it quite difficult but enjoyed it, it took me 13 weeks to finish the programme as I repeated some weeks where I knew if I went up a week I would not stick with it.

During the 20 weeks so far I have lost weight 19 weeks of it and gained 1lb after a weeks holiday, and for a change I didnt let this gain knock me off track.

I have decided that over the Christmas break I will give myself one day of eating what I like within reason, the remainder of the holiday I will try to be good, but if I dont I wont give myself a hard time, chalk it down to experience.

This is the longest I have stuck to a healthy eating plan, I have been a member of Weight Watchers and Slimming World and the only pounds I lost were those I handed over to them. I have had medication from the GP, but I am useless at remembering to take tablets and I have had hypnosis and as you can guess this didnt work either.

As they say in C5K slow and steady wins the race, this is also true of my weight battle, if I loose it slowly I dont plan on gaining any.

I have used many different tricks to help me along, breaking down my vast target to managable 7lb goals, I have target clothes that I have never been able to wear (bought cheaply on the market between £5 and £10 each) and every time I hit target I do a trying on session, then I decide if I can wear them, if I like them or if I need to loose more before I decide, these then wait until the next 7lbs are lost.

Recently I bought myself a pair of size 16 jeans from Primark (Pennys to our Irish friends) as a target item and guess what they fit. I have never worn jeans so I was so happy that finally I will be able to wear jeans in to work on a training day instead of my normal office attire. Little things like this make it worthwhile.

Another silly benefit is that I can now buy nice delicate costume jewelery and know that I can wear it, one size does not fit all.

I now wear dresses to work as well as occasionally wearing my uniform of leggings (grow bags) and long tops. It feels great having an option instead of the same old same old.

I now eat slower and enjoy my food more, putting my knife and fork down between mouthfulls, and guess what, some of my favourite fattening foods dont taste as nice now that my mind has time to register what I am eating. I drink loads of water so my skin is looking nice and clear, not bad for a 51 year old. My belly hang isnt as big, this is disappearing slowly and I definitely dont want this back again.

I think the main reason this is working is that this time I really want it and I want it for me and the benefits it gives me, more energy, happier outlook and most of all more confidence.

Sorry to have rambelled but I would like to say to those of you with lots to loose, dont look at the big picture otherwise you will feel defeated, break it down into managable goals and celebrate each achievement, keep looking foward not back, if you have a bad day put it behind you dont let it derail you.

I still have my takeaway every two weeks, I still very occassionally eat out (once every 6 weeks) and I still have my chocolate but I make sure I enjoy and savour them.

Through all this keep smiling.

Take care all


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19 Replies

  • Amazing moldoodles well done 😀 Good advice too . I've still got 4 stone to loose after losing 1st 4 over last 11weeks so thank you for your positive outlook made me smile (grow bags) 😂I've been living in them now wearing jeans again it's a great feeling isn't it 😀. Good luck look forward to hearing about you journey onwards & downwards have a lovely week

  • I live in leggings! Going to call them grow bags now, love it.

    What a great story to read, well done. I like your idea of target clothes and having a trying on session every 7lbs. Make the inch loss really tangible.

    Have a great Christmas

  • Fantastic post moldoodles,

    So happy for you, it sounds like your life has changed forever 💐 I do like your plan for over Xmas, but I've no doubt whatever the outcome you will be back on track in no time.

    I feel really inspired reading your post, I've had a really difficult year and you have reinforced all the positive reasons for working hard and making good food and lifestyle choices, thank you.


  • It's very difficult to read this post and not feel inspired. I think being totally unfit and 223 pounds twenty weeks ago to now being three stone lighter and running 5Ks deserves a whole session of pom pom waving. Moldoodles I think there must be something about the C25K that changes your mindset. It really helps to reinforce the idea that small steady improvements will take you to your goal - I still remember the feeling from completing that 20 minutes run in week 5. Good luck with the rest of your journey and thanks so much for posting. :)

  • What a lovely encouraging post! You are doing all the right things and it is obviously working! Healthwise, you will really reap the rewards and be able to do lots of fun things that you wouldn't otherwise. Have a great Christmas and an even better New Year!

  • Fab and we'll done. What an inspiration 😀

  • Well done on your achievements! Great advice given for others and I am so pleased you are reaping the rewards of your hard work and great attitude!

  • Great determination and what an achievement Moldoodles ! You are an inspiration :)

  • Wow, truly inspirational story Moldoodles. Thank you for sharing it with us. 😊

  • Thank you all, I would be lost without this forum, start every day on my journey to work reading the posts, and some how this helps me make the right choices most of the time.

  • Thanks for sharing your story!☺really encouraging☺

  • Thank you for sharing your story.

  • What a lovely story, so positive and uplifting 😊😊😊 I agree with everything you have said and look forward to hearing more from you 😊 Very well done

  • Thank you all for your kind words.

  • What a fabulous post and such a great analysis of your progress which means this is a real lifestyle change! Well done on persisting with the c25k and doing it the way you needed to in order to be successful, that's brilliant! The clothes issue is fantastic, such a confidence booster, I sometimes start trying on new clothes if I feel myself drawn to food I don't need to remind myself why I don't need it . Enjoy your success, you've done brilliantly 😄!!

  • Thank you for sharing your journey loving the thought of leggings as "grow bags" made me do a quick mental check of my clothes and I have realised I no longer buy clothes with fixed waistbands elastic has become my fastening of choice! No more my next new bottoms will be bought when I am at my target weight and they will have a button. Best wishes to you for the rest of your journey



  • What an inspiration ☺

    You show it can be done, while not completely depriving yourself!!!

    It is better to have a day "off" occasionally for me, too, as it stops me from feeling that I'm missing out, and it seems to give my metabolism and willpower a boost.

    As to your Primark trousers- be extra proud as a size 16 is actually more of a 14, I always had to buy a size up 😁

    This is the first time in many years that I have tried on 'different' clothes - I have to try some on at home a few times first before I'm brave enough to wear them out as I am so used to wearing 'comfy/baggy' clothes.

    The changes in body, mind and confidence are worth so much more than the number on the scales -well done!!! 🙂

  • Again thank you all for your kind words. I have to keep whst I have lost off as I have got rid of all my biģger clothes ad they were too big.

  • Great post, great motivation, great ideas and clearly its been working for you. Brilliant job - very well done. You are definitely an inspiration to others :)

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