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Not eaten pastry for 8 weeks

Well until yesterday and it was one thing I was missing

Went to the local yesterday and the chef brought out one of his fabulous venison sausage rolls - (well he brought two but I ate one and hubby ate the other)

Wow it was fantastic and loved it, however, where we would have eaten a good 5 of these one was enough to satisfy

Just proves with determination and help of others we can still have a little of what we enjoy every now and then and be thankful for it

I still lost this week, so having that wee treat didn't do any harm but means we can go another 8 weeks without pastry again :)

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YAY for you.... well done for just having the one sausage roll as a treat.... you can do this x


Hi Cracker,

Sounds like you had a lovely venison sausage roll and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wishing you an excellent week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Glad you enjoyed it and well done on only having one 😊


Victory over venison! Good for you

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Resounds lovely , well done sticking to one :-)

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