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Diana's recipe suggestion -slight adaptation. De-lic-ious. 😉

Diana's recipe suggestion -slight adaptation.  De-lic-ious. 😉

Hi everyone busy day put Christmas lights upon the front of the house. Forgot to get anything out of the fridge for tea (meat or fish wise)

I planned to cook Diana's bake today. I cooked the recipe Diana posted yesterday. Just had it for tea. So so tasty.

Cauliflower broccoli and cheese pasta bake - so so tasty again. Thank you Diana.

We also had garlic chicken Kiev only thing I could cook straight away from the freezer with a cheese filled field mushroom.

The photo is Mr T''s portion - mine was slghtly smaller. 😶 Try it!😀

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Ps should read freezer for tea not fridge 😊


Looks yummy 😊


It was thanks 👍


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