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There's no justice in this life


Yesterday, right out of the blue a very slim friend pressed upon me some cheesy bites that she had made for me, we were in a car park at the time. Once home I ate nearly all of them whilst walking slowly to the end of my garden where I managed to throw the last two over the fence to the sheep in the field. Today, pulling myself together, I refused a mince pie at a pre Christmas coffee morning. BUT I won the star prize in the raffle which was a M&S Christmas hamper. True, about half of the contents were wood shavings which must surely be low in calories, especially if I don't dust them with sugar, and I have managed to unload some biscuits etc next door but I am left with wine, strawberry conserve with champagne, a Christmas pudding, Brandy butter, all sorts. I haven't tried anything yet but knowing the way my mind usually works I could easily talk myself into a research project. What would you do ?

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Sonja,

Lherring has had quite a similar situation to you today - with the Secret Santa Chocs, so worth looking at that post, as there are some good suggestions there, and you might wish to do the same things with your Hamper goodies.

Please don't let this get you down, I know you've eaten some things you'd rather not have done, but it really does happen to us all, and it's better to just draw a line under it, and move forward - but at the same time try to ensure you have those hamper items out of sight - because otherwise the temptation will be to consume them, and I don't think you'll feel good about it, if you do.

Hope you have a good evening, and that the rest of the week goes well for you.

Lowcal :-)

bless you... if you want to pass the champagne my way I won't refuse haha


Personally, I'm so convinced of the harm of this stuff that I would bin it. But, as Bigmama99 illustrated, there will always be people that have a different outlook, and that's their prerogative.

nteapea1st 7lbs

Put some fancy cellophane on it and a ribbon and regift them 😀 don't worry about your slip up each one is part of a learning curve- it gets easier 😀

Lherring4 stone

Yes I got gifted chocs in the secret Santa! I've decided Oh I donate them to a food bank! Will make me feel doubley good for not eating them but also for being a bit charitable and giving them to someone more in need

Mollydex4 stone

a food bank or somewhere like Salvation Army would prob be grateful

Ha ha! Oh dear a bit of dilemma. Maybe keep one or two things that you think are worth the cals, and give the rest away. You will feel very virtuous! Xx

Definitely pay a visit to your local food bank. You could really solve a crisis for a deserving soul at this financially crippling time. Xx

Forgive me, but I couldn't help but find humour at the irony of refusing a mince pie. It's certainly fitting of a line somewhere in that Alanis Morrisette song.

Still, by gifting the contents of the hamper to friends, family members or to the local food bank, I'm sure you'll be making someone's Christmas.

After all, the contents won't have just come from an ordinary hamper...they'll have come from a M&S hamper.

slimpickings2 stone
in reply to MrNiceGuy

I see what you did there!! Xx

in reply to MrNiceGuy

"Still, by gifting the contents of the hamper to friends, family members or to the local food bank, I'm sure you'll be making someone's Christmas." The food industry's?

The wood shaving would be high in fibre if you did decide to eat them .....

in reply to Grannynise

Had a good laugh at your reply, so thank you, and why didn't I think of that I shovel most things down my eager gullet.

JiminyCricketRestart Jan 2020

Oh its such a hard time of year!!! You did make me laugh though with the vision of hurling cheesy bites to the sheep! Sometimes drastic measures are called for!!

I'm sure a food bank would appreciate the rest. (keep the wine maybe!)

Either wrap it all up in Christmas paper, then seal in a bag and wrap extra tape around until you can give it away or... eat it all today then feel bad about it for days. You know it isn't Christmas yet, deffo don't eat it before Christmas day! Good luck!

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