Secret santa chocs

We did a secret santa at work. Everyone knows how hard I'm trying and how much weight I've lost but they bought me bloody chocolates!!! Grr!! I'm grateful for the present but I don't want to eat them! Anybody got any recommendations of what to do with them instead of eat them? I thought I could give them as a gift to someone else but I've already finished my Xmas shopping and I just want to get rid of them asap! Maybe I will give them to the food bank?


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  • Yes, give them to a food bank! you could choose one that does hampers for families - that kind of special treat could really make such a difference.

  • They are always useful as Raffle Prizes? Or, you could share them around at work - depending on how many of you there are? Maybe even give them to a "down & out" - at least they can't buy booze with that sort of donation! Well done for not eating them...

  • Food bank or care home. Either would be able to use them. Alternatively someone who has rendered good service, perhaps postman or the crews who empty dustbins etc. etc

  • Some great recommendations there! :-) Hope you enjoy your evening. :-)

  • Local hospice will be pleased to receive them at Christmas.

  • When it was my birthday I got my husband to hide them away and only give me one in dire chocolate emergencies but if this wouldn't work for you I agree give them away 😀

  • Can't believe it we also did our secret santa today - someone said they knew who my SS was and they wanted some ideas, so I replied with nail polish, cross stitch threads and even told them which shop they could get them - I thought great I will get something I want and not food / chocolates or wine

    Huh they totally ignored what this friend said and i found out they asked my line manager as well tonight and I have no idea what she said but she did tell me it was not what I received

    A packet of quality street and a bottle of wine - arrrgggh - I have brought the red wine home as OH will drink that and have left the chocs at work and will put them on the goody table for all to help themselves to (I am so proud of myself that after that first time of the goodies arriving and I posted on here about the calories in quality street I have not been near the table - it was commented on today how much will power I have had - feeling proud)

    What ever you do with the goodies make yourself proud and think of the outcome of being able to do something good and not eat them yourself x x

  • Brilliant! Well done you! This is such a hard time of year for us but it's not that hard when you have our kind of willpower! :) I feel so proud of myself today and I need to remind myself that that feeling is worth a lot more to me than the fleeting pleasure of having something yummy but equally unheathy to eat!

  • We can do this - you have the will power and determination :)

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