Going off the rails here! 😂

Can someone seriously help me, I've been buying Tesco meal replacement shakes, I don't know if they're working but they're making me feel better about myself. I also started a gym membership at FIT4 for those of you who know where that is. It's spread across 4 gyms in West Sussex but I seriously -HAVE- to lose a stone by the 25th of January which is my birthday! (Or very close to this date) Can someone please suggest how and what I should do in detail. I'd really love the advice, please someone take a few minutes to help me out!! Would really mean the world to me! Thank you. I'm male if that makes a difference with excersise in weight loss. I don't know if gender makes a difference on how to burn fat better! I need to lose it on my stomach more than anything.. I'm 6ft and weigh 13st-11lbs. So badly wanna atleast lose the 11lbs by then! 😫

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21 Replies

  • Hi jack go on FB and join a group called slimfast challenge uk it's a brilliant group they will give you all the help and support you need good luck on your journey you can do this x

  • There's been a study that shows men burn fat better if they exercise before a meal, and women do if they exercise after a meal. I'm not a expert and I haven't put it to the test, but I did watch the programme about it! Ha ha! Take it steady :)

  • The best way to do this is to start counting calories - so start monitoring how much you are eating each day (also include the break down of these calories - sugar, sodium, carbs, protein and fat).

    I have been using my fitness pal to track this and it has really helped alot.

  • Hi Jack, I have always found the 5:2 diet effective and you can see results fairly quickly. But it does involve strict calorie counting. The 5:2 means you have 2 days with restricted calorie intake - just 600 a day for men. 600 isn't much and so it's very important to be precise about what you're eating. You can have small meals 3 times a day or save your calories up for the evening which I find easier. The theory is you can then eat "normally" on the other 5 days. However, if you want to see results my view is - and it worked for me to loose 3/4 stone recently - is that you restrict the other days to the recommended daily amount for if you were on a diet - so I did 1000 on the 5 days. It would be a bit more for a man - maybe 1500-1600. But again, if you haven't got any get a pair of kitchen scales and count every calorie! Tedious bu it's very easy to persuade yourself you're eating less than you are. Also, don't forget drinks - lots of calories in some of them and it's easy to forget about them. On my low cal days I drink herbal teas - I only drink water or sugarless tea during the day but the milk in the tea adds up when you've only got 600 cals! Also, if you haven't already done so I would cut out alcohol - high in calories and personally once I've had a drink then the craving for nuts, crisps and cheese starts!

    I do find the 5:2 relatively easy - you can pick your days and perhaps do less exercise on those days. I have also found the use of a Fitbit very, very helpful with pushing me to get daily steps in but if you are already putting in plenty of exercise maybe this wouldn't be as important.

    Good luck!

  • Me too, I'm a 5:2 fan, or check Dr M Moseley's 8 week blood sugar diet book for helpful advice and gorgeous low cal meals. Working for me.

  • I'm so rubbish at following recipes. I have a repertoire of about 3 and stick to those - the same every day. The problem now is that I do actually have quite a bit of weight to lose (first time!) and so keeping it up will be difficult! I didn't realise I was such a woose...

  • Just another thing I found helpful - an app called My Net Diary which you can use as a calorie counter and to track weight loss. I've tried a few such apps and found this the best and easiest to use.

  • First of all Forget the Shakes. Expensive and totally unnecessary. Plan 3 - 6 sensible meals a day placed on Protein (keeps you feeling full and sustains healthy cell growth). Vegetables, Fruit and small amounts of fat. Keep carbohydrates to the healthy carbs and avoid Sugar. Ensure you take in calcium in the form of Milk, cheese or Yogurt.

    Increase your exercise and forget Xmas celebrations.

    Good luck

  • I agree with your comments on the shakes - generally people just get bored with them and start slipping. Much better to do calorie counted meals - plenty out there and they don't have to be fussy or expensive and it's something to look forward to!

  • Hi Jack - 5:2 is the one, easy and gets the results. You will do it if you also eat low carb and do 5:3 - so three fast days not two. Once you're on it and in the swing you may find it easier that you think. 3 scrambled eggs with either salmon, ham or chicken with lots of veggies in the morning. A pear around 4pm, go and work out then a calorie counted ready meal in the evening. Good Luck!!

  • 5:2 is the way to go. But do 5:3 and low carb. 3 scrambled eggs with protein and vegetables mid morning, a pear or apple around 3-4pm, then a calorie counted ready meal in the evening (unless you like to cook). Good Luck!

  • Shakes are great if you want a quick weight loss but can get a bit boring and once u stop and start eating proper food again the weight will come back on... I've done the shake diet's before and they work as i once lost nearly 3 stone doing it but there not sustainable for long but it all depends on what your long term goal is x

  • Hi Jack,

    Just cut out all crisps, biscuits, sweets, chocolates, cakes, beer and other alcohol. In other words, all the naughty things which aren't nutritious but add to your calorie intake. Whilst you're doing this, look into various healthy eating diets and determine which one would suit you. The 5:2 diet might not suit you but there are plenty of options out there. Good luck. Ginnybw.

  • Eat a low carb diet. No more than 21 carbs a day. Get a book on the subject. Get a good probiotic , 40 billion microbes. Take L-Glutamine powder before breakfast and lunch 1 teaspoon. Take potassium for leg cramps (400 mgs is what I take) 400 mgs of magnesium before bed. You might try protein powder for a meal replacement for breakfast. Stop drinking caffeine. Also take a Tablespoon of lemon flavored crill oil or cod liver oil daily.

    You will probably drop 10 lbs the first week and at least 3 pounds a week there after.

    Let me know how you do.

    Good luck!

  • PS No alcohol!

  • Just eat a normal healthy diet but less of it (count calories to give you some idea) and exercise.

  • Thank you, I've recently started gym and looking to go on average 4 times a week! I did 2 hours yesterday and today I'm going again for another 2 hours! Hopefully I'll stick with it. The good thing is I actually enjoy the gym I never thought I'd say that but I think it's great!

  • Hi Jack

    Don't know if you are continuing on your shakes , but a couple of years back I did lighter life shakes, same as tesco, and ever other shake plan but more expensive. You had to stay on them for a 100 days, nothing else to eat apart from the shakes. If you look on the tin as in say Slimfast it will tell you as a man how much milk to put in your shakes, how many scoops, and how many to have a day. On the slimfast you can have an evening meal, but if you don't trust yourself to count the calories then stick to the shakes. You can have flavoured tea as in the strawberry, blueberry, mint etc but no milk and no sugar. Sounds terrible I know and will be no walk it the park. I did it for the 100 days and lost 3 stone. In the second half we were able to have one of the bars, the same as slimfast. But if you only have to go to Jan you might be able to stick to it. One little suggestion though and not preaching, once you achieve your goal look for a sensible way of eating , like the NHS one or the 5.2 something you can live with long term the shakes are a quick fix but unfortunately not long term.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you, surely it's not good to just live on shakes and no food for 100 days!?! Lol am I understanding correctly!

  • We were going to Orlando for my sons birthday promised him I would get him there one day, just happened to be his 21st lol. I was desperate to look good in shorts, my work colleague suggested it as she had seen it advertised. We were both desperate enough to try it. At first it was fine, lost 7lb in the first week, thought this was great. Second week 5lb, by week three you forget what it like to chew something. I am basically a lazy cook so at first it suited. Then I really missed food, even fruit and salads lol. The problem was it taught you nothing about food, why you over eat or in my case sabotage any good work I do. It isn't always about the food but why your over weight. But at the end I was 3 stone lighter, but in my head I was still the same. Interested as to why this birthday is special why do you want to lose the weight for this one.

    Really don't have to answer if you don't want to just curious. By the way as soon as I went back to eating real food it went back on again, I didn't do their maintenance plan.

  • You are right It is not good to live purely on Shakes, in fact it has been proven to be downright dangerous. Most of these shake diets are dangerously low in calories and do not give you all your nutritional needs. Stick to a calorie counted balanced diet and you will lose the weight in a sustainable and healthy manner, educating yourself while doing it

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