Christmas crackers?

Christmas crackers?

Bit crazy starting to watch my weight two weeks before Christmas, but after six months with reduced mobility due to two ruptured discs, I have put on so much weight. Aargh! Still can't exercise like I used to be able to, but I've used it as an excuse to eat way too much. I'm fed up with the spare tyres and need to get a grip. Hopin there are a few others out there willing to give me the encouragement I need.


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  • Welcome to the forum Tubbyteacher. You are indeed amongst like minded people. Many of us joined the forum to lose weight and the advice given is extremely motivating. The best advice I have been given is to not think of this as a diet but as as a change for life. I want to live a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically. Obviously weight loss is a part of this but also breaking bad habits. The NHS 12 week plan is an excellent starting point in helping us to do that. I have done 2 rounds now and lost 18lbs. It does encourage 150 mins of exercise which you will find difficult but many people here are losing weight with brisk walking.

    Take a look at the pinned posts for newbies which gives loads of advice. Follow our lovely admin forumers lowcal and moreless and you will get lots of useful updates including a reminder to do the Monday morning weigh in. Look at all the challenges they are very motivating and try to stay active on the forum as it helps us to stay on track. I wish you luck and determination πŸ˜€

  • Thanks so much for your support. I really feel buoyed up by everyone's tips and good wishes.

  • your not crackers to start your diet now.. the best time to start a diet is when it feels right for you and your in the 'zone' and have focus. just take it slowly to start with as any change towards eating healthier & moving more is better than no change..

    Good luck with starting x

  • Thanks Bigmama. It feels good to have someone tell me I'm not daft! I'm definitely in the zone!

  • Christmas is just one day 😊 And if you can be mindful of your eating how good will you feel in January 😊😊😊

    Good luck and best wishes

  • Yes Christmas is one day! Every now and then I buy a weight watchers book, to gain, fresh encouragement, and recipes, I also used cook yourself slim books, ( a website for both ), to re think my recipes /losses.

    I love the slow cooker recipe sites too, tho the American ones seem full of excess cheeses, cream and canned soup.? So try to google healthy ones.

    Bear in mind Jan in full on weight loss ads, magazine articles!

    Be strong and upbeat, we all fail too, we are here for you when you do

  • Thank you Diana. Lots of good tips there. As a lifelong watcher of my weight, they are all ones which I know to work. Just need to reapply myself! But as someone else said, right now, I'm in the zone, so feel I can do it.

  • Being in the zone is important, two cups of ginger tea, headache and bloating seem far less, loathed tho I was to make the tea

  • I know that's true Anna, just hope I can live by it!

  • Which diet are you using?

  • Hi there,

    Well as I said further back, as a life long watcher of my weight, I'm now mixing and matching. I did Weight Watchers for years and got to goal on and off, so understand the principles of sensible eating, portion control etc.

    Last year, before I suffered these two ruptured discs, I did the 5:2 for six months and had by far the best results ever, with no extra exercise (I just walk my dog half an hour every day)..

    I only ever have about a stone to lose at my worst, and I didn't lose all of it, but on the 5:2, I lost my fat stomach, in fact lost all my frontal flab! But then I have been bed bound a month, and now slowly moving again, just got back to gentle dog walking, but have got into bad eating habits again.

    So to answer your question, I am calorie counting using my fitness pal app, trying to stay under 1400 per day. After Christmas I shall perhaps try 5:2 again, but right now with Christmas parties etc, I don't feel I can manage it.

    Sorry that was a long answer. Hope it helps. It helped me get my head straight about what I plan to do.

  • Well done on making the decision to start changing your life. Don't think of it as going on a diet but as a New and healthier way of eating, a change for life. And OK, Christmas may cause a couple of days being less controlled but it is only a short break in the new regime.

    Good luck and do let us know how you get on

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