Wanting to hear some positive motivation

So I'm really struggling right now with it being Christmas etc and I am in desperate need of some positive motivation. I would love to hear only positive things from people. How are you managing/what are your strategies and plans for over Christmas? What have you done recently that you're really proud of? I want something to inspire me to remember how good it feels to succeed at this cause all I feel like doing is drowning myself in a sea of food! Starting tomorrow I want to heave myself back up and get back on track and I need your help friends! :)


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  • Not sure whether I can help, but I keep reminding myself that Christmas starts on 24 Dec and, apart from the office Christmas party, I'm sticking to the healthy eating. I will be indulging, definitely, just not the whole of December 😊 All the best 😊

  • It can be difficult, but try to find your own deepest motivation. Why is it that you are doing this? What is it that you want to achieve? And then picture yourself in that situation. Hold on to that thought and compare it to the food that you are about to stuff your face with. Is it worth it? Probably not. Put it back - or better - throw it out! Don't have tempting food that is bad for you in the house. Surround yourself with food that will get you in the right direction! Good luck.

  • Hang on in there. My German friend came around tonight with a giant, home made Stollen crammed full of marzipan; I have buffets planned for the whole week and a curry to go to on Friday. Added to that it simply isn't feasible to do my normal amount of exercise because I have to find time for Christmas shopping and getting around to deliver pressies etc and I am having withdrawal symptoms because I haven't done my usual walks and gym sessions, but do you know what, Christmas is such a wonderful time and we can pick all of this being really good with our eating and exercising in a couple of weeks' time.

    Right now I just want to enjoy my friends and family and have fun, but I can do that by sticking to my usual portion size and just having little tiny treats now and again without any guilt feelings whatsoever. Instead of going for the bottom end of my calorie range on the BMI calculator, I am going for the middle to top end just for two weeks.

    I haven't put a foot wrong since May and I can tell by your badge that you have done a pretty darn good job of changing your lifestyle around too so be proud and don't panic just because it's Christmas.

    You're not going to suddenly lose those good habits that have become part of the way you are now; Just relax a little over the holiday season but don't go mad and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to have fun with the people you love.

    Merry Christmas x

  • That's a good idea - adjust the calorie allowance for 2 weeks . I might do that. Would keep things in check but allow for treats.

  • hi....Why not up your exercise to allow for a few extra treats..maybe go for a long walk or take the stairs.... it's going to be hard to lose over Xmas but to 'maintain' is a bonus...I think you shouldnt miss out on stuff but Then after Xmas you can get serious about losing the weight.

    My strategy this year is if I have an party then the day before I will reduce my calorie intake to allow me to then enjoy myself the day after guilt free.

    have a lovely day x

  • You've lost 4 stone! That's a fantastic achievement and you've obviously got all the skills and strategies to carry on. I'd hesitate to offer any advice to such an expert. Respect to you!

  • Have you seen HealthyTanja positivity posts?? They are very inspiring and uplifting 😊😊😊

  • Was going to say the same

    Beat me to it πŸ‘

  • Festival times means Flood of Food.

    Try to reduce your Visual Exposure - reduce going to markets and food shops

    Try to reduce your Time exposure - reduce time spent in parties

    Try to reduce engagements.

    Before going for any party drink lots of water.

    Once you reach a party drink water.

    During the meals drink water.

    Water is a great saviour... It occupies space in your stomach and forces you to eat less.

    Before going for any party eat fruits at home.

    Once you reach a party venue, first fill your stomach with soups and salads.

    Never eat to please.

    Eat slowly, much properly, bit by bit... As mindfully as possible.

    Please read this... It works amazingly... It can transform your life..

    >> authoritynutrition.com/mind...

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