Vitamin organisation

Hi everyone.

For my new diagnoses of illness ect I have been recommended to take a load of vitamins to try and help

Vitamin c - d

Magnezium ect

I'm just trying to think of a way to organise taking these so I can take them without forgetting and also not having to carry round 4 separate pots of tablets along with all my pain killers at the moment! Feel like my tummy is ratteling along with my handbag ­čść Lol.

Ideas? I have daily pill dividers but the pots are quite small and these vitamins seem to be quite large pills!

Any suggestions welcome xx


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7 Replies

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  • I can't give any advice on pills as I'm lucky enough at the moment to not have to take any but just wanted to say hope you feel better soon..

    is there anyway you can get any of the vitamins via food rather than pills ?

  • I agree with Bigmama99. I would not take pills, just to be on the safe side. Unless it was scurvy. The only exception is B12, I only take that because there is no food to replace it with (I have given up animal foods for now).

  • Hi guys

    I was suggested by a professor in London to take these tablets as I have eds and pots.

    It's a medical requirement for me to take them.

    Unfortunately I am not getting it via food as suggested. I eat a very very healthy and clean diet everyday, there isn't any better I can do with that..

    What do you mean by unless it was for scurvy? I don't understand what that would have to do with my illnesses x

  • Vitamin C is good for treating scurvy. So if I had scurvy, I would take it, nothing to do with your illnesses. I haven┬┤t got any medical training, so I couldn┬┤t say anything about your illnesses, and you can ignore what I wrote. Wishing you all the best ! x

  • Ok, interesting. I will do some research. Thankyou! X

  • What about a multi vitamin ie all vitamins in one tablet daily. Just a suggestion­čśÇ

  • I have to take daily tablets and vitamin D tablets and I have severe epilepsy with memory problems. I have bought a daily tablet dispenser and keep my meds in this but my vitamins are too big for this. With my dispenser it helps me know if I have taken them that day if I keep my vitamins on top of it and I take the vitamins at the same time. Hope this sort of thing could help you.

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