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Hello All,

Just about to return to the real world and switch off this darned electronic toy but -

For reheating enticing little messes in the microwave, there's a good New Zealand company called Sistema who do various sizes of lidded and vented plastic pots . I was very happy when I bought mine from Lakeland only to discover that they are cheaper in Sainsburys. Bother. Now, a recipe, sorry it's in the wrong place but I'm hungry. Into a blender put a chopped up thin skinned orange, some fresh cranberries and some sugar. Whizz up for a lovely fresh tasting accompaniment to turkey, or indeed duck. Enjoy. Nice with Greek yoghurt too.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Sonja,

    This sounds interesting - I think I'd try it without the sugar though - do you think that would also work? It's just that I've been trying to reduce sugar content and rely on the natural sugars in the fruits and vegetables. I found that stewing cooking apples works well without adding any sugar, so I think my taste buds have changed a lot - I would always have wanted to add it before.

    I love Greek yoghurt. Really nice!

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I think it would work without sugar, especially as you've been getting used to it. I always make crumble without sugar (the topping has sugar but it's easy to scrape it off!)

  • Thanks. :-)

  • Have to admit I haven't tried it without sugar, cranberries are a bit bracing, just a little bit perhaps, or, Canderel maybe.

  • Thanks Sonja, I will try it sometime, as I like cranberries and orange - they sound like a lovely combination for a sauce. :-)

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