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Hi everyone ,

I have joined a gym and started a healthy eating plan.

I have managed to lose 11lbs in 4 weeks.

Thing is I hurt my back getting out of the bath and am still quite sore.

Can you advise any low impact gym excercises that will not jar my back too much or shall I wait till my pain has gone before I resume gym x

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That's is an amazing amount to loose! Well done you!

Sorry to hear about your back.

What about trying one of those big gym balls that might be a bit easier on you.

Since I posted earlier I decided to do a beginner kettle bell work out. That made me puff a bit 😀

Take it easy on your back but I'd say keep it moving gently so it don't stiffen up.

Good luck.

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I suppose it would depend what vigorous exercise you are doing that has hurt your back? Is it weights? Running? Squatting? :)

I wouldn't say stop going to the gym until it's better, but maybe do a lot more low-impact work outs while your back recovers. If you can figure out what has hurt your back the most, you can target this part of your workout to make it a bit gentler for awhile.

There are specific yoga workouts you can look up on youtube which help with back pain in general - so perhaps these would help your back recover after a workout? :)

Well done on losing such an amazing amount! :) x


Nothing that exciting I'm afraid..hurt it getting out the bath.lol...a lot better now thanks and back hitting the gym.

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Hi Yonnie123,

Welcome to the Weight loss NHS forum. Fantastic to hear how well you've done, in losing 11 pounds in total, and I wondered if you'd like a weight loss badge to mark that achievement? We do them as 7lbs and then 1 stone, so currently you're elligible for a 7lbs one, so let me or moreless know if you'd like a 7lb badge, it's just an option to consider.

Be careful with your back - I hope you will feel better really soon.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend and a great week ahead. Have you read our Welcome newbie post? It's worth a read to let you know about the things in the forum, and it's in the Pinned posts area. Do join in with anything you like the look of in the forum, and have a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Hello Yonnie and welcome to the forum.

Since the injury to your back is acute, I'd wait until the pain and discomfort subsides sufficiently before returning to your usual schedule, opting to undertake gentler forms of exercise, such as yoga or swimming instead.

Well done upon your level of loss thus far, though. Don't allow recent injury to prevent you from remaining upon the healthy eating plan, since it'll continue to work, particularly if overall intake is reduced closer to your minimum calorie allowance during your period of recovery.


That's an amazing loss in just 4 weeks.

Swimming might be a good exercise to start when your feeling a bit better.


Hi thats an amazing amount to lose! what sort of excercises do you do? Which machines?

Maybe ease of classes if you go to any like circuits as these can strain your muscles.


Currently 20 mins on the treadmill and 20 on the cross trainer..I find these are best for working up a sweat,lol x


Oh no! Poor you 😕 When I hurt my back I was told to rest it and use hot water bottles for the spasms. Then start with walking and build up from there. The gym should have qualified instructors to advise. 😊

Keep up the good work, you are doing very well 😊😊😊

Ps don't be alarmed if the scales show scary gains as inflammation can do that - I gained about 7lbs but it came off just as quickly 😳

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Gentle movement and stretch exercises are good..I would avoid the gym for a week or two..well done in losing the 11lb..


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