High blood pressure :-(

I've been to the doctors today and I have high blood pressure. I have to go get some blood tests to see what is causing it on Monday.. For the past 6/7 weeks I've been going to the gym and watching my diet but not lost any weight so thought I would get it checked out. At my gym induction my blood pressure was raised so I started monitoring it at home and it has gone up to 160/105 and lowest has been 138/94 so I thought it was time to get it checked out. I got high bloodpressure during all my 3 pregnancies ( which is usual) but haven't been on any medication for it.

I was hoping this new way if eating and exercise plan was going to reduce it but nothing changed YET !!

I've cut out carbs & sugar already so doing everything I'm supposed to do to help with high blood pressure and will carry on with the exercise for now but hopefully the blood tests will help to identify why Im struggling to lose weight & why my blood pressure is up !

Fingers crossed the weight will start to come off soon to help reduce the blood pressure x


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22 Replies

  • Good luck with the results, fingers crossed here for you to get some answers and info to help and that you don't need any medication :)

  • Yes I do not want to be on medication if I can help it. Would much prefer to do it naturally with diet & exercise if I can but just need to know if anything as actually wrong with me would be good to know. X

  • Yep totally agree - best to get checked out

    That reminds me I must make an appointment to get my bloods done again - here's hoping my chlorestoral is lower now, I have stopped smoking and now watching the food I eat which was the advice I was given and to go back in 6 months to be re checked - that was back in April so the 6 months is well up ooops

  • Yes get your appointment booked & fingers crossed for you that the results are good x

    Can't remember all of the tests I'm having but Dr said he is testing my kidneys/thyroid/diabetes/iron levels Cos at my age I shouldn't have high blood pressure like this. :-(

  • Yes, GO, blood tests can pick up lots of things before they become a problem

  • Hi Bigmama99,

    Let's hope the doc can sort things out for you.

    You say you have cut out carbs? I thought our body needs carbs to fuel itself to be able to function properly and protein for muscle : /

    Can anyone shed some light on this please.

  • I've cut out the bad carbs I love ... like white bread /white pasta/baked beans /chips /white rice. and so decided this week to have a total carb/sugar free week to see what happens. The 'harcombe' diet promotes this woe

  • If you are used to eating white carb/sugar and then cut them all out, you may feel a bit under the weather for a while (low carb "flu"). They can be addictive for a lot of people, especially sugar.

  • Our bodies are very adaptable and can run on fat if there are no carbs available. Have a look at "ketosis".

  • yes this is what I'm trying this week to try kick-start my weight loss x

  • Hope it works for you.

  • You're correct about the respective roles that protein and carbohydrate play, Sheepdogs.

    When it comes to carbohydrate, it should be obtained from fibrous sources, such as beans, lentils, oats and quinoa, for example, since all are complex varieties.

    In the case of high BP and cholesterol, for example, a diet that's higher in fibre but limited in refined sugar and saturated fat assists in reducing levels of LDL (cholesterol) and diastolic pressure in the veins (BP).

    Additionally, vegetables that possess higher levels of nitrate (such as kale and beetroot) should also be considered, to assist in the production of nitric oxide.

    Fat can still be eaten, but it should come from fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive and sunflower oils.

    Although it's gained in status over recent years, coconut oil is best avoided if suffering from either of the above conditions, since it's a saturated fat.

  • Hi Bigmama99,

    Hope things will go well without the need for meds.

    Have you heard about Habiscus tea for blood pressure?

    Don't know if we can post links etc here but if you just search on it - it will come up along with other foods that can help.

    Take care x

  • not heard of it before... will do a search x

  • oh.. that looks interesting and I much prefer a herbal way of trying to reduce my blood pressure.. reviews on amazon look good as well for it so think I might give it a try... thankyou for the suggestion x I've also added to my tesco order beetroot juice & kale & avocado

  • Excellent.

    We've been using it for about 3 years - well hubby has, and he started with few cups a day and he felt/feels it makes a big difference.

    Hamblenden Herbs do organic ones too -also don't boil it. If you leave a teabag in water overnight and have that in the morning, leave another in water for lunch .... and so on.

    Just leaving it in gives a good concentration so hopefully more effective.

    Hope it works for you too x

  • fingers crossed.. ordered it via Amazon prime so should be here 2moro x

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Bigmama99 - hope the blood test results will be helpful and hope you have a good weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Are you stressed? I always get mine checked when i get my 3monthly depo injection and its always been normal then i went for a health check as i thought, no way i dont have something being so large plus i had headaches. I turned out to have high blood pressure due to stress but a couple of weeks later it has resolved itself. Maybe you have a similar situation?

  • yes I think I might be stressed... I have a stressful fulltime job... 3 kids to sort out... parents that always need my help .. a house to keep clean... cook all the meals..look after the money & pay all the bills..make all the decisions.... so i don't really have a lot of time for me... that was one of the reasons I started at the gym to get at least 1hr to myself where I could do some exercise then get into the jacuzzi to relax.... I dont feel stressed in myself but think I am... maybe I need to try some meditation !

  • Not sure of your age but high BP is common as we get older for all sorts of reasons. Yes being overweight, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise etc can all cause this , but they're not the only reasons.

    I developed high BP in middle age, took medication to control it . Then two years ago I lost all my excess weight , improved my diet, walked an hour daily and thought: "Great, my BP is normal I'll come off the pills". Bad mistake. Despite my good lifestyle change, after a couple of months my BP went right up again and I had to humbly resume the medication, which I realise is keeping me safer from the risk of a stroke, among other things.

    So, my advice is don't turn down medication unless you and your doctor are quite sure its just weight / diet/ activity related .

  • hi. Im 45... im not going to turn Meds down if Dr thinks I need them but just would prefer a natural way to drop it. I just know something needs to change as high bp is known as the 'silent killer' as you don't have any symptoms and if it means I need Meds to avoid strokes / heart problems then I will take them.

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