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Good morning to everyone,

Well, I've only been with you now just under 2 weeks and learning to control my urges better every day.

I've cut out the junk food, crisps, cake, chocolate, biscuits and the odd packet of sweets.

Made a promise to the dogs that I would take them at least 1 mile walk everyday whatever the weather.

Well, in that 2 weeks I've gone from 1 mile drag to now a 3 mile walk!!! So pleased with myself. The dogs are happy too 😊

Hard to make yourself go sometimes but it's paying off.

Looking forward to weighing myself on Monday morning.

I pray that I will be lighter. 😇 So thank you to everyone who has posted /replied to people so that I can read and get inspiration from.

Good luck to all with their journey of health and happiness.

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Hi sounds like you have made some great changes. Sure the scales will reflect your hard work on Monday :)


Thank you 🙂

It can be hard work but I now so much want to be slim and now understand that sitting on my butt looking at pictures of slim people and sighing saying oh I wish that was me, I have to work for it and earn that beautiful figure 🙂 We can do it can't we 😊

Good luck on your journey.


That will be you in that picture. Just keep at it, if you have a bad day then move on and start again the next day but never ever give up. You so can do this :)

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Some great changes there - I so know what you mean about sometimes a struggle in this weather (winter wet/ cold /damp/ dark) to get the motivation to get up and go out

I struggle in the winter and more so this week as I am on holiday (albeit just at home)

Good luck on your journey and wishing you a loss on Monday's weigh in :)

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Thank you Cracker10,

Being on holiday at home is hard work for the diet isn't it!

But I'm sure your being good 😇

Good luck with your Monday weigh in too.


Good luck on Monday..I'm sure the effort you put in will show on the scales x


Thank you Yonnie123,

And you too.


That's great news you've done brilliantly😃


Thank you Cat33,

That's kind of you 😊


Hi Sheepsdog,

This is great news, and I hope you have a really lovely weekend! :-)

Lowcal :-)


You've done really well... Fingers crossed both our 2 week weigh on Monday will be a positive one x


Hi Bigmama,

Thank you,

yes looking forward to the weigh in.

Good luck to you on Monday too.

Hope your weekend is an easy one 🙂


You are sounding well on track 😊 The eating and exercise soon become a habit 😊 Dogs make such excellent exercise buddies don't they? 😊🐾❤️


Good morning Anna61,

Thank you for your reply 🙂

Weekends are harder for me as I've always classed weekend as eat what you want and a couple of glasses of wine.

But I'm having to scrub that idea and the food devil is working hard against me.

But I just have to tell myself well which do you want.... Bulging bellies or a nice toned body.... 🙂

Then look at my dogs faces as they say you promised 😊

As you say they are fantastic walking buddies and a good reason to get yourself out and moving.

I did my 1st kettlbell workout yesterday and my thighs are pinching from the squats! But onward and downward plus its only every other day. Phew!! 😋

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You make me ache just thinking about if!! Lol 😊

We are away for the weekend and lots of pounding pavements yesterday and today - missing my wee girl 🐾❤️ but she's happy with our friends 😊

Enjoy your weekend 😊 I generally save calories for a few treats 😊 Life is for living after all 😊🍷🍴🍾😊


I hope your weekend is lovely!

Haven't been away for ages.

I'm sure pounding those pavements are giving you a good work out 😀

And I'm sure your were girl is happy too.

Have been out with the dogs but only managed just over 2 miles this morning, hard going didn't want to go lol. Will have to make it up on the treadmill.

Do you find trying to fit 10,000 steps a day in easy??? I don't!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend hope you have lots of fun. 🙂


Great decisions! I also started by cutting out all obvious baddies, and there were loads of them! It’s incredible how quickly the addiction goes! And I also have 2 dogs benefiting from longer and more energetic walks, it’s such a lovely feeling of acute healthiness (i just made that word up!) when you come back home after a good walk. Keep it up Sheepdogs!


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