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Day 18


Well day 17 didn't go so well after all it was only a small group of us meeting up for a little party, but we ate everything in site lol I was going to be so good which means I hav'nt learnt so much after all, but as I have said before life happens and if I get straight back to doing what I was doing before then there wont be any damage done lets face it was only a couple of hours. I'm already focussed and ready to get on with it, have a good day everyone. x x -:)

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We all have slips and I had a big one at the weekend and the start of this week - back on it today though and my calories are whee they are meant to be just now and I have started back on my water intake which lapsed since Friday

Keep going and stay focused you can do this :)

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Hi Cracker Thank you for your kind support. So pleased your back on the journey keep at it and the water so important. I have had a good day so far, I'm not too worried about yesterday if I had allowed it to gone into today I would have been but I'm focussed and determined to get this weight off. Lets have a good weekend ready for a good weigh day Monday x x -:)

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Hi Betty,

Sometimes things go like that - and I hope that you enjoyed your Party.

Great to hear you're already feeling focussed and ready for the weekend, so wishing you a good weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Well done getting back on track, that is the key to long term success 😊😊😊

Have a good weekend 😊

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