Coping with that festive tipple !

Whether we're maintaining our weight or still trying to lose it, most of us will probably allow a glass or two of cheer around Christmas time. I spotted this MFP article today which might give us all some tips of how to have a good time but limit the damage.

Cheers 🍸🍸🍸

Truth About Alcohol (+ 5 Tips for Smarter Sips) -


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13 Replies

  • Very good article, thank you for sharing. If you were to eat a box of cream cakes one after the other you would be upset with yourself. If you consider alcohol to be liquid cakes it certainly alters how you view that cheeky extra glass.

  • Yes that's true! But as, I think, Joan Collins once said, champagne calories don't count of course 😅😅😅

  • Wonder if Joan would mind adding prosecco to that statement too!!?? Xx

  • HI Elliebath,

    Yes, that's an interesting article. Thanks for sharing it. I don't drink very much, generally, but Christmas does tend to be an occasion when I might drink more than normal, so I'll be bearing this information in mind! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Useful advice 😊

  • Hi, interesting article and it probably explains my midriff as I admit I am a regular beverage taker! I have lost 7" inches from my waist though since April. Thankfully I know when to stop so don't suffer with hangovers or carb cravings. Another tip is not to drink on an empty stomach, because you will end up feeling really hungry and eating all the wrong things!

  • Me too Caz !! But ,dont despair, 7 inches off your waist is pretty impressive, I'm sure the odd sherry won't put that back on . 😊

  • This pretty much explains why I struggle to lose lbs unless I'm watching the alcohol calories very closely. My tip would be to plan your evening cals ahead, earlier in the day, so if you're allowing for a couple of social drinks you can maybe reduce cals elsewhere during the day. But as with everything easier said than done...

  • Thank you elliebath, I found that article very timely and appropriate! I didn't know that alcohol has a direct effect on your blood sugar, and having noticed that I reach for cake/bisciuts/chocolate after a drink or two, just thought it was because my self-control lapsed! It certainly helps to understand the process to know that there is a direct knock-on effect and also helps to explain why I am being more successful (generally speaking) at losing weight this time round, as I have deliberately reduced the number of days per week that I have a drink at all. I found it all too easy when working full-time and coming home to a busy family home to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the working day, and that became a habit. With hindsight, I am pretty sure that much of my weight gain over the last 10 years was probably down to that.

    So a triple whammy in reducing my alcohol intake - a happier liver, fewer sweet indulgences and reduced waist measurement, and reduced grocery bill all in one go!

  • I had that situation Dietbunny. In my early fifties I was a divorcee with teenage children who were either upstairs doing homework, or on Facebook, or out with friends. So my habit was a glass or two of wine in the evenings.

    Then when i eventually tackled my weight gain I cut alcohol right down ( but did not totally abstain ) and I counted my drinks into my weekly calorie allowance. This did definitely work and I still count them. This will now be my second Christmas at maintenance .

  • Brilliant - I look forward to the day when I can say the same! Have a good Christmas!

  • Yes an extremely interesting article, I have significantly reduced my alcohol intake since following the 12 week plan, maybe that is one reason for some success?

  • Interesting, tho I'm not a drinker, even my twos j20s at my Xmas do ( well they were free) felt too sugary, so was back on water pretty quickly.

    A very small baileys in coffee once a month if I feel like it!

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