Eeek! Here I go again 5,2 and going by bus guidelines about seven stone overweight.i,m 43 and my creaky bones are knees and hips tired all the time and have a sugar addiction.anyone in a similar state?

I've list three and four stone before but put it back on. I love exercise when I really get into it but if I miss a day or two struggle to get back to it.

For me it's an emotional topic.i hate myself as I am but can't seem to get myself sorted out.

Would love some support from like-minded people and maybe even meet up with someone with a similar amount to loose to exercise


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  • nhs guidelines..not bus.grrr typo,s

  • Hi Bullard,

    If you ever want to edit your post, then just click on the arrow to the right-hand-side of the 'follow post' (if it's a post you're editing) or at the right-hand-side of the 'Like' button (if you're editing a reply), and you can easily edit it. Sometimes typos can be strange can't they! Wonder where 'bus' came from?

    I already welcomed you in another thread, but want to do so again, and I hope you find your way around the forum ok, and that you'll enjoy being part of the Weight Loss NHS community.

    We have weight loss badges, starting at 7lb or 5kg depending on your preference, so if that appeals, bear it in mind. We also have Newbie badges that some newbies like to wear, so do let me or moreless know if you'd like to have one of those.

    Wishing you an excellent week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Bullard im 45 & 5ft 2 . I joined this group in June after yo yoing between 85 & 68 kg. I'd successfully lose weight on a slimming world and the regain most of it when I stopped going to group.

    My 1st target is 68 kg and since June I have lost 5kg. When I get to my target I need to learn how to maintain it long term . So hopefully healthy eating will be entrenched in me by then.

    I find this forum very helpful and supportive .

    Welcome & good luck

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