Chai Porridge

I just wanted to share my latest breakfast in case anyone else gets bored of porridge. I do LOVE porridge, and its the only thing that keeps me full till lunchtime, so I have it every day, sometimes with fruit in various forms. But my new favourite is cooking it with a spoonful of chai masala mix. Homemade, so its just a powdered spice mix - ginger (lots), cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cardamom, black pepper. Oh its SO good.


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15 Replies

  • Hi JiminyCricket,

    Your Chai Porridge sounds really interesting. I will definitely be trying it out. Thank you!!! :-) I love spices such as ginger and cinnamon - and those lovely flavours.


    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes its a real wake up breakfast! And you can make tea with it too!

  • Sounds very tasty - I will have to try that.

    You might be interested in this....I have been cooking up a spiced dried fruit compote to add to plain porridge...boil apricots, prunes, figs and cranberries in some apple juice for a few minutes, with mixed spice added - keeps well for quite a few days once cool, and add a spoonful to your porridge; good for a little extra fibre when required.

  • Yes that sounds really good, and very christmassy too! I'll try that, thank you

  • Oooh that sounds really yummy - haven't heard of chai masala mix before but I love the sound of the spice combination - just read you made the mix yourself, would you mind sharing the recipe please :)

  • Well, I dont have a recipe as such! You can have as much or as little of any of the spices depending on what you like. I put mine into a jam jar: ground spices, the following - about 3 teaspoonfuls each of ginger, cinnamon and cardamon, about 1/2 teaspoonful each of star anise, cloves and black pepper. pinch of salt. mix it all up. I'm sure other people use other spices too. Hope you like it.

  • Thanks JiminyCricket will give that a go :)

  • JiminyCricket might try that with my porridge which I eat all winter, normally with a chopped apple, pear or berries (frozen cheapies ones for Lidl). Luxury is with poached plums but that's a very short season! I wonder how that mix would work on air popped popcorn - we've tried a few spice mixes some work better than others on the popcorn.

  • Oh that does sound good - let me know how the popcorn goes if you try it!

  • Thanks for the tip, sounds very yummy ! Just had my porridge with cinnamon, raisins and agave syrup (which is not very healthy, but i have to use it up), before coming to the forum.

  • agave syrup, mmmm. I must admit to missing syrup on my porridge (and cream for that matter), but the toppings situation had got out of hand so I have to be strict with myself!!

  • I have porridge every day so will try that 😊 I have sultanas and mashed banan, and also add 20g of chopped nuts and seeds to boost my protein 😊

  • ooooh, this sounds interesting...I'll have to experiment. I love porridge too, you really can't go wrong with it!

  • I love my porridge and often try spices and fresh ginger in little tiny pieces.. but recently I excelled myself thinking a good anti inflammatory was Turmeric... so I added a dash to my porridge or two even... yum yummie... well it actually tasted all right with the other spices... but the colour and texture were not a pretty sight... perhaps I'll stick to the spices you suggest next time...

  • Since writing that post I've added turmeric too!! Yes it's not as pretty but I've added it for the sake of my arthritic knees so hopefully will benefit! !!! Love the idea of pieces of actual ginger, I'm going to try that.

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