Hi Everybody

Well my eating has been great the past 2 days thanks gosh. And had to be cautious yesterday about drinking pop it is a off the hand habit. You don't realize it until you take that sip. As I said before make small changes such as giving up pop and when I feel in control of that small mini goal I will move onto something else. I am trying to work on having a normal healthy lifestyle as I can. I am learning from great inspiring people. Thanks.


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11 Replies

  • Hi Wadestreet,

    I'm glad it's going well. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • You'll be that inspiring person yourself soon enough. Keep going :)

  • Just take each day as it comes, focusing upon short term goals, allowing longer term ambitions to be achieved in due course.

  • Hi MrNiceguy. I value your advice completely. Well I am sad and upset tonight I thought I had found someone from the eating disorder in working together. But that person was far ahead of me in recovery when that person found it out and let me down easy and wished me luck. I'm so sad I thought this is great somebody knows about eating disorders. How do I pick myself up and move on.

  • You just keep on with what you've been doing over the past few weeks.

    While it's great to receive support and encouragement from others, ultimately, you're the one who allows change to occur, by deciding what you eat and ensuring that regular activity remains to be undertaken, to improve overall calorie expenditure.

  • Thank-you!! I needed to hear a normal healthy message. I admit I was hurt but you are right ultimately I am the one that has to change in those areas . I am proud to say working on my 5th day getting off pop and feeling it but I am doing it. And working on my 5th day of not overeating. And from now on I am doing things that are right for me one step at a time and I feel comfortable with that. I hope I do not sound shallow but I am going to pat myself on the back when I conquer each an every goal I set for myself!!!. Thanks once again. Now I am getting my butt out the door for a walk another beautiful day outside and no more feeling sorry for myself.

  • By overcoming one challenge, before moving on to the next, you ensure that you don't become overwhelmed by the whole process.

    Moreover, championing those personal achievements, however trivial they may appear, isn't shallow or self-centred. At the end of the day, the positive changes you make to diet and level of activity benefit you and nobody else, thus, providing the momentum to continue.

  • You are right I have to benefit me and nobody else when it comes to end of the day it has to be me that has to make those positive changes to a healthier me. I was thinking of doing another week of no pop before moving on to another goal. But only if I am ready. And I am doing well with my exercise program and on Monday as going into my third week on walking Monday to Friday and relax on the weekend. I have to learn to take one day at a time and go from there and grow daily Thanks

  • By focusing upon the day-to-day, allowing the end-goal to fade into the background, you're far better placed to appreciate how mood and energy levels may improve through the omission of certain foods or beverages.

    Furthermore, focus is retained, as you educate yourself in how calorie deficits, regular activity and reduced consumption of refined sugar are all of benefit.

  • I want to thank-you personally and helping me to heal and working on myself around food and goals. And I hope we can continue because I know I can learn still a lot from you. Thanks so much!

  • I'm thrilled to hear that you find my advice and encouragement to be of value and will continue to assist where I can. However, I can't take sole credit for the changes you've made, since I'm only one voice; you've received some equally helpful replies from other members, which has no doubt also assisted.

    Most of all, you need to credit yourself for implementing the help and advice offered by members. We're all here to help one another without judgement, making the forum a fantastic place to discuss and share ideas surrounding nutrition, fitness and health.

    If I correctly recall, RuthCanalRunner stated recently that by learning through your own experiences, you'll soon feel comfortable helping and encouraging those who join the forum in an all too familiar state of despair.

    You may not realise it now, since you're simply embarking upon your journey, but you do have a story to tell, which will be of value to many.

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