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I tried zumba for the very 1st time yesterday... I've thought about going for a while but kept putting it off... well all I can say is TRY IT.. it was ace. if you love dancing then you will love it. calorie wise is says you can burn between 500 - 1000 calories per hour so well worth it if you enjoy dancing as the hour flew by for me. I went on my own and it was fine and I was able to pick up the Dance moves quickly... I'm definately going next week x

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I love dancing too, and it is an excellent form of exercise as you use such a variety of muscles :) :) :) Glad you enjoyed it

yes I can feel I've worked my body today... I did do 1/2hr of kettlebell afterwards as well for strength but definately know I've been exercising haha

Goood for you...I do it also...I am also thinking of adding Tae bo...boot camp and Jillian Micheals...for variety...we do it as a fam its soo much fun

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