Week 6 complete

I'm afraid it is not good news from last weeks high, I have put on 2lbs. For a little while I had whatever I wanted. I enjoyed the freedom, but like a Labrador I just went too far. If I had let it just be the Saturday I went to the xmas market everything would be okay today, but I didn't somebody brought in some lovely things and instead of going I'll have one I had 10 typical me, I can't just have one. It is so hard to turn back into diet mode once you have gone out of diet mode. I must turn things back, it is too early in the month to switch off diet till the new year, I have two meals next week, I need not to let that be a chance to do whatever I want. Ohh I hate my ways. Jp.


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20 Replies

  • Good morning Jp,

    As you found out to your expense the punishment is harsh and unforgiving , because however much we plead to the scales "I didn't mean to" they just shake their head as you succumbed to the food devil.

    But don't worry Jp you did the crime and now the time which includes making up and trying a bit harder this week.

    I hope the guilty pleasures were worth the penalty 😳 Good luck on your loss next week, you can do it 😇 You know you can. Food only lasts seconds on the mouth but a long time on the belly and hips.

  • Wow Sheepdogs, you are tough! just what I needed! Thanks very much.

  • Hi Jp,

    *hangs head in shame*

    Please except my apologies, I didn't mean it to sound harsh. I only meant it in light hearted banter, as that's how I try and remind myself how to stay on/get back on track.

    So sorry if it came over the wrong way 🙁 I will make sure I think what I write to anyone next time.

    From embarrassed/ashamed sheepdogs.

  • I know what you mean - so hard to get back into it once you go off kilter

    I am on holiday this week (yes I know I was on holiday about 3 weeks ago as well lol - trying to use my leave up before the end of the year :) ) and am struggling more this week due to having family up at the weekend, actually can't wait to go back to work to get back into the routine and making the lunch box up

    Off out doing the Christmas shopping today and we have decided to have a wee treat out, then back to full diet tomorrow

    Good luck getting back on track and wishing you all the best

    Unfortunately Sheepdogs comment of 'Food only lasts seconds on the mouth but a long time on the belly and hips.' is sooo true - yep I need a kick up the rear too this week, dreading Monday's weigh in

  • I think for me I am just exhausted all the time and it is hard to put so much energy back into the diet when I feel so tired. Looking forward to the xmas holidays, I really need a break. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, make sure you relax plenty perhaps you need a break like me? jp.

  • Yep i was needing this break - nearly completed the Christmas shopping etc - still have jobs for tomorrow and then Friday and the weekend I am going to have a total chill out

    Can't believe how much I have walked today - so that is a plus :)

    Keep going we can do this :)

  • You keep going, I've given up!

  • Don't give up - we can do this - private message me - I will be available for a onevto one chat after 8.15pm just getting in x X

  • I'm Sure u will be back in the saddle again in no time... it's just a blip.. just put it behind you and start again xx

  • You are right, I will do. Thanks. jp.

  • Jp don't be to hard on yourself I think we all have off days . Put it down to experience good luck with getting back on track this week 😀

  • Thanks I shall try. jp.

  • This is such a difficult time of year to follow a healthy eating plan isn't it? There's temptation wherever you look and nobody wants to be accused of not getting into the festive spirit. You're worth more than an extra mince pie or slice of Christmas cake, be good to yourself.

  • Thanks.

  • Just see it as a rehearsal for the next temptation. You've survived the xmas market and the following difficulties which you experienced in trying to get back on track. 2lbs is the fallout, but it may not be as bad as it seems. Now you're eating healthily a few days off being unhealthy again might make you store water rather than fat, while your body deals with the extra salt, sugar etc. So over the next week or so you might notice those 2lbs reverse quicker than you expect while the water retention sorts itself out...

    But hold onto these feelings especially about what you feel you should have done instead. And next time just try a little harder, maybe just one small change at a time. When you eventually master the art of eating well while out with friends, it will be such an invaluable skill. The process will be worth it :)

  • Thanks, I need to make some improvements, I just think I am all out of gas at the moment! thanks it was a nice reply.

  • It's hard work. But it's worth still posting on here even if not reporting something that feels positive... :) might turn out to be less bad than it seems. Also you're in good company :)

  • Thanks, I will continue to write even though I know it will be a weight gain next week. If you still want me to write I will that is. I have just done my food shop but it was not good girl just slightly bad. A few treats. Mince pies, ice cream and twig lets, mum will help me eat it all! I'm bad for mum.

  • send me a message - tried to send you but can't find you

    We can do this together

  • It's okay to have stuff like mince pies etc if you just plan to have a little, it's about damage control, keeping things out of reach when you're at home alone, perhaps put some things in the freezer... Only post if you want to, we're here to support you :)

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