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First time checking out the forum and it looks like a great bunch of supportive people here! Just what I need to get me motivated and back on track after a period of slacking off recently. At the start of the year I was shocked to see a photo of myself where I looked even bigger than I thought I was... and they say the camera never lies. The side view was scary so I decided I HAD to do something about it and began what I knew would be a long-term plan of healthy eating and exercise. I had retired a few months before, my activity levels were non-existent, I could find any excuse for eating the wrong foods at the wrong times and as a consequence my weight was out of control.

I started to be more focussed on what I was actually eating and cut down drastically on the comfort junk food. I also used my Fitbit to help me to try to increase exercise in so many simple ways... going for a walk every day, jogging on the spot while brushing my teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil, dancing round the kitchen (with the blinds closed!) So far I've lost 74lbs in weight and brought my BMI from 39.6 to 28.... all in about 8 months. Since Sept however I've been off track - a dear friend had a serious illness diagnosed and my priority was helping to look after her until her death 9wks later.

So now it's time to get myself back in a better frame of mind to make an effort to go the distance. No more excuses - I'm doing this for ME and my health. Hopefully the progress I've made so far won't be wiped out by slipping back in my old ways - any support and encouragement would be gratefully appreciated!


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9 Replies

  • Wow you have achieved a lot should be proud of yourself. I'm starting my lifestyle change tomorrow. Looking forward to it hope to lose weight, be fitter, full of energy and eating food rather than doing the unbalanced not eating some days and then binging on unhealthy foods. I have had to identify why my eating habits were out of control and I got to admit it was a mix of emotions, boredom and to a little extent the bad side effects of PCOS.

    Wish you all the best x

  • Thank you SuperQween - I really appreciate you taking the time to read my first post and to reply with your encouraging words. Hope that you're soon in the swing of sensible eating and weight loss and I'll try to be as supportive of you - onwards and downwards!

  • Hi Jeelbert,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum, and also to you SuperQween - I hope you'll both enjoy being part of this community.

    Jeelbert, you have done brilliantly to lose 74lbs in weight and bring your BMI down to 28, in 8 months - wow! Please let either myself or moreless know if you'd like a weight loss badge to mark that amazing achievement. We do them in either stones or kgs, so I think you would be due a 5 stone badge, if my Maths serves me right!? An option to consider!!!?

    I am so sorry to hear that your friend recently passed away, that must have been really difficult, and it's good that you were able to support her. My sincere condolences.

    Have you read our Welcome Newbie post? It's in the Pinned posts area, and is worth a look - lots of tips and suggestions as well as mentions of things going on in the forum - so please have a read and join in with any Challenges you like the look of - and also maybe join us for the Monday group weigh-ins - if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in.

    Wishing you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for the welcome Lowcal - I read the Newbie post and love the idea of badges to celebrate successes! We all need a wee reminder of how far we've come when things are going well, as well as encouragement when things are less than perfect. (I deal in old-fashioned units so stones are fine by me.)

    I'll check out the weigh-in options so will check that out too. Fingers crossed for a first week success next Monday. 😀

  • Your new badge looks great, Jeelbert!!! Congratulations!!! :-)

  • 😄👍🏻🌟Woohoo!

  • hello and welcome jeelbert :) very well done on your excellent weight loss so far, and very best wishes as you continue the journey :)

  • Thank you Anna61 - always great to get a wee bit of encouragement and positivity! 😊

  • I'm in a similar boat (weight loss not as impressive as yours though) after a break following hysterectomy. I'm trying for the final push but struggling. :) We WILL get there!! 😊😊😊

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