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So I've had to admit to myself that I've been being completely lazy with exercise, only doing bare minimum or getting the bike out and calling it exercise lol so I'm stepping up my game on my mission to beat Christmas this year!

I'm going to do at least 30-45 minutes at home excise 5 days out of 7, more if I can manage it and I will go for at least one 15 minute walk every lunch (hard when lunch is only 30 minutes long but will be worth it!) I've also taken to crazily jogging on the spot while waiting for the kettle, microwave, while brushing my teeth or when talking on the phone just for that extra boost!

I'm getting myself back on track this week or I will end up not losing weight again this week. and I get measured for a bridesmaid dress at the end of January which was four months away a few days ago I swear! where has time gone?!

Seeing the amazing progress people have made in a couple of months has motivated me. I can do it, but only if I put enough effort in!

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30-45 minutes of activity, 5 days a week will certainly assist in reducing weight and inches, Kinbun, so your suggestion will serve you well.

If you happen to possess a copy of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, or something similar, make sure it becomes well used over the next month (and beyond), allowing those changes to occur.

Additionally, short sharp bursts of activity, while waiting for the kettle to boil, for example, will also help, since they expend calories. The investment in a skipping rope will also ensure that calories are burned, while providing a great cardiovascular work out.

In short, the more active you become, the more calories you'll expend.

Furthermore, there's still 20 days, all filled with the opportunity to exercise, before the guy with the beard and red suit comes calling. Don't panic, you still have time on your side.


Thank you for your positive and motivating reply! :) I will do my best!


You'll be fine Kinbun, particularly since you appear to have re-gained the motivation to do as much exercise as possible over the next few weeks.

Climbing the stairs at work, as opposed to talking the lift, will also help to sculpt and trim.

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good luck! still a few weeks to get into a good mindset exercise wise before the man in the beard comes calling . . . lol :)

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