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Interesting BBC Documentary - Women & Muscles

Yesterday I watched the following documentary on BBC iPlayer.


The program clearly states that this isn't recommended for people to try at home. However, I found it inspirational and feel it will motivate me to try harder in the Gym the next time or to avoid eating that extra cake or biscuit.....

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thank you, ill have a look :)


Hi SurreyMan,

I will definitely have a look at this programme, and thanks for letting us know about it.

Lowcal :-)


It was an interesting programme but i would have liked more detail about her diet, and also as her shape obviously changed, how many inches lost or gained. but overall i liked the mantra about being happy in yourself, and your skin not your dress :) :) :)


Hi - I've watched this now, and I have to say that I would have liked to hear the assessment at the end of whether the scientist viewed her lower body fat of 19% as still being healthy - as her initial starting body fat of 29.9% was considered by him to be 'below average' and they were talking about how young women do need some body fat for hormonal and reproductive reasons.

I was also concerned by how extreme the regime was. I am glad that they stated that it shouldn't be attempted at home.

She was keen to finish at the end, and spoke almost as if she wasn't going to touch the weight and exercise machines etc again - which suggests she found it tough and wanted to finish.

Also, the woman offered her an iced doughnut at the very end, and she devoured it with incredible gusto - and I thought it was a pity that they suggested she should immediately just eat an iced doughnut after she'd clearly been trying to be healthier and fitter.

I was pleased that she felt more confident and happier in herself, and I do think that strength training can help that, but I really wish they'd shown a more gradual and balanced approach.

Those are just my personal thoughts and reflections on the programme.

I'm glad you highlighted it to watch, as it was thought-provoking. :-)


Yes, I agree, she was definitely doing it as a temporary fix bit a permanent thing 😕

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Sounds like an interesting programme. I shall have to watch it when I have the time.


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