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my Non Scale Victory !!



I weigh 120.4kgs (almost 19 stone) and haven't lost any weight this week or any lbs since i started my exercise plan over 4weeks ago by going to the gym.. my weight hasn't changed at all. .... but this week I ordered size 20 jeans and had to send them back and get a size 18 which fit perfect...

it just shows its not all about the scales and why measurements are just as important.

Whats your nsv this week ?

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Well done! 😊 I can't wait to be in the teens.

thankyou... I'm sure u will be seeing those teens soon x


That's great - a new exercise regime can often mean the scales get a bit stuck, so glad you can see the changes in other ways - it's so easy to get disheartened!

Bigmama99 in reply to Hidden

thanks... Yes it is hard to keep going and not see any progress but will keep going x


im the same Crimson85j :) scales not shifting but clothes getting loose :) :)

at the moment I don't need to undo my button on my size 20 jeans to take them off and i now beed a belt... feels good x

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Bigmama99

great isn't it? 😊😊😊


Wow, how lovely to be in size 18s - that is wonderful.

My NSV this week has been a blouse that when I bought it was too snug around the belly, but it floats over it now :) :)

Bigmama99 in reply to LessToLose

that's great. . feels good doesn't it x

woohoo, great!

my nsv this week is that my size medium leggings are getting too big at the waist. downside is that they keep slipping down and exposing my underwear... at least I wear long jumpers with them 😳😁

Bigmama99 in reply to LinaLamont

that's a good one x an good excuse to buy some new ones x

my nsv today is..... I did 1hr zumba class tonight followed straight afterwards with a 1/2hr kettlebell class... woo hoo !!

Crimson85j3 stone

I got none wide fitting knee high boots. Yay! Love them. Go you !!!!

Bigmama99 in reply to Crimson85j

that is a good win... that is a definately a goal I would like to achieve to be able up boots... I always struggle around my calves x

my nsv goal today is ..... to have a Carb free day !!

Wow that’s great to hear. Hope you are proud of yourself. Keep going and I bet the scales will get round to catching up

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