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Pick Myself Up & Dust Myself Down

Not had the best of fortnights and really need to have a look at my stats etc to remind myself where I've come from and where I'm going to be.

I started this journey 4 months ago at 22st 10lbs and today I'm in at 20st 6lbs a loss of 2st 4lbs in total

2 months ago I took my measurements for use at this kind of time so here goes;

Neck: 15.5" (-1")

Upper Arm: 16.5" (-0.5")

Bust: 56" (-2")

Waist: 50" (-1")

Bum: 49" (-2")

Upper Leg: 27" (-1")

That's a total inch loss of 7.5" in 2 months!!

None Scale Victories:

Down from a size 28 in jeans to a size 22

Able to purchase a winter coat from a store that has never fitted before

In a kitchen uniform provided by the company instead of one I've purchased specially (actually a bit to big lol)

Having more energy after a long day at work to get things at home done

Having my 5 year old daughter tell me that my tummy is getting smaller

Purchased my first pair of non wide fit knee high boots

Able to shop in more places as clothes are fitting better

Having to shrink things in the tumble dryer so they fit better

2 Christmases ago I was 23st 7lbs I hated myself and I was worthless. I have built myself up since then. Working on my mental outlook and how much I was actually worth a damn. Things have never been as good as they are right now so I'm thankful for the distance I have traveled so far.

What are you thankful for? How far have you come? You only fail when you stop trying x x x x x x

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This is a lovely post and glad to see how well you are doing! (even if you have had a bad fortnight). My 5 year old son has taken it upon himself to be my "trainer" and he is helping me shrink my tummy. I'm very careful to stress fitness and exercise and I never mention food in front of him. He is very strict and has me doing all sorts - jumping jacks, push-ups, running up and down stairs!

My BMI is now in the overweight category, so I am very thankful for that, as well as my free PT!

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Sounds amazing! I think if Aurora tried to be my PT I'd be in serious trouble lol


I think these are fantastic achievements. Well done 👍

I am pleased that I can get in my target skirt- it was something that I bought that party influenced my decision to lose weight. I can get it on comfortably but I can't sit down my next target 😀

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I have tighter stuff in the wardrobe too. Pop it on now and again to see the difference. It's interesting and inspiring

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What a brilliant post you should be really proud of yourself , your stats are amazing 👍👍👍😁

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Well done you! I hope this works as good motivation for you to get yourself back on track. look how much amazing progress you have made in just two months! imagine what you can do in another two :) you should feel amazing and it'll only continue to get better! the change in Jean sizes is fantastic!

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Yeah that was a big one for me because I never even felt like I could wear jeans because they were something "attractive people" wore. Now I love them lol


Well I feel very motivated having read your post so thank you for sharing :) and you're definitely beautiful and attractive no matter your size, but I'm glad you feel good enough to wear jeans now. It's important to notice the difference this journey makes to your view on yourself as well as physical changes :) :)

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