Determined newbie

Determined newbie

Hi everyone, reading all your comments is inspiring! I am here because over the years my weight has increased and I'm now the heaviest I've ever been which is so discouraging when clothes shopping and body confidence go out the window! I've lost count of the times I have tried to lose weight as I find it soooo hard to stick to :( And can always find an excuse for snacking and picking. I am reading a book on Mindful eating and having a Mindfulness lifestyle and chose this forum as I just want to count calories (not points, checks or red/green days). I am vegetarian and trying a semi gluten free eating plan to help with my rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed 5 months ago) after ready Wheat Belly that suggest modern (GM) wheat is the root of all evil! Good luck to everyone and please share your motivation tips, inspiring thoughts and ideas to keep us all on track!


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  • Good Morning Hamiltoc,

    Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss Forum here on HealthUnlocked - this forum is a great place for support, motivation and inspiration to lose weight.

    Take a look at the NHS 12 Week Plan, it contains recipes and exercise plans to follow for the first twelve weeks of your journey. :D

    Take a look at the left of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile device) and find the 'Pinned Posts' section, here you can find the 'Welcome Newbie' post, various challenges that are going on in the forum (take part in whatever ones take your fancy - if any do at all!), there is also a recipe collation there (including ideas for vegetarian and gluten free meals) and any important posts from Admin :)

    Also to your left is the 'Topics' area, here you can find posts related to each topic, it's good if you are looking for something specific :)

    The Monday Group Weigh In takes place weekly and is posted alternately by Zest and moreless (I suggest you follow them, they are also our site admins), a morning session post is put live just before 06:30 and runs until midday, while the afternoon session runs from midday until 18:00 on the Friday of that week - it'll be running as usual tomorrow, so, if you wish, you can go and post your starting weight there :)

    We also run a badges system on the forum, you can start with the ‘Newbie’ badge and then work you way up to 7lbs and then in 1 stone increments, they are also avaliable in Kgs too. If you would like a badge, just let Lowcal or moreless know :)

    All that remains is to wish you a great first week on the forum - be involved because it's where we get our boost each day :P

    Rob :)

  • Welcome Hamiltoc. When I started my weight loss journey I'd just been advised to cut out wheat and dairy for a stomach issue which is now resolved, am now low wheat and dairy free. I'm veggie plus occasional fish, but still eat well. There are also vegans on here :)

    Welcome and good luck getting started. As per RobLandsdown91's advice, I definitely recommend downloading the NHS 12 week plan. And then use the NHS BMI calculator to work out a calorie level to use as your starting point. And just ask/share anything, however obvious it may seem, there are loads of us on here at different points in our journeys, we're all happy to chat about the things that might bore those around you in the real world :)

  • Hiya!welcome! i also feel much better when i avoid gluten. i have a tendency to graze too out of boredom, although i try to stick to fruit now. i dont think set snacks are bad, but grazing definitely doesnt help me!

    Good luck! ☺

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